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Self Care with Your Partner

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As I sit down and write this, my partner is mere feet away, poking and prodding the keyboard of his homemade PC – “like only a true gamer would” – and I know without question that this is his self care time. The obscenely large noise canceling headphones hugging his ears block out the outside world and offer the peace and concentration that comes with surpassing levels in the game. What do I do for self care? Take a bath, treat myself to that brow waxing I’ve been severely neglecting, and go on a true crime documentary spree. My point? That while self care looks different for everyone and is a definite must no matter your relationship status, carving out time to practice self care with someone you love is invaluable. It strengthens your connection as a couple and gives you an opportunity for true, uninterrupted face time that you miss during the constant hustle of your day to day routines. Self care with your partner gives you both the opportunity to get out of your own heads, and put stressors on the back burner – which spoiler alert: ultimately makes you better people or dare we say it, lovers for each other. Now onto the ways we self care with our honeys.

Self Care with Your Partner

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Exercise Together

Fact: Breaking a sweat feels great. Another fact: Garnering the will to get up and actually go work out feels significantly less great. Having your partner hold you accountable and inspire you to get off your mac book and onto the mat is a great way to practice self care together, and feel amazing doing it. It doesn’t have to be a grueling boot camp workout either – think a scenic hike on your favorite trail, a jog or jaunt along the beach, or even a friendly game of tennis, basketball – whatever suits you and your beau’s fancy.

Self Care with Your Partner

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While getting your partner to indulge in a microdermabrasion facial and seaweed body wrap may be a bit of a stretch –  no man or woman can resist the rejuvenating and restorative powers of a full body massage. Book yourselves a couples’ experience at your favorite spa and share blissful glances at one another while shoulder tension (where we women tend to carry the bulk of our stress) and back pain, and basically all of life’s worries melt away. We feel zen just thinking about it.

Self Care with Your Partner

Photo By: shutterstock/George Rudy

Tending to Your Home

Sometimes self care means doing the things you might not want to do, i.e. booking that doctor appointment you’ve been putting off, not skipping out on your therapist appointment (again), doing your laundry, or cleaning your car. Or in this case, cleaning your living space. Does the phrase “clear space, clear mind” ring a bell? Ring ring, it should because it’s totally true. Getting your partner involved and tending to your space as a team is a form of self care you’ll both enjoy because you’re doing it together, and the rewards are a plenty (less tripping over clutter, more time to spend doing the fun stuff).

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