How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Quarantine

Woman with pink nails moisturizing her skin. Learn how to keep your skin hydrated during lockdown.

Between frequently washing our hands and wearing masks for essential activities, our skin has seen better days. Add stress to the mix and you likely have very dry, dehydrated skin. Not only is dry skin extremely itchy and uncomfortable, but it can lead to other skin concerns, such as blemishes, too. Keeping your skin well-hydrated is crucial during this time, because even from home, you should feel like your best self possible.

If you’ve been seeking solutions to staying hydrated during quarantine, keep reading to discover the key tips, tricks, and products to stay silky soft at home.

How you wash

Washing your hands frequently, though it helps prevent germs, can lead to dry, irritated skin. For those with sensitive skin, this can be extremely uncomfortable. To ease and prevent this discomfort, be mindful how you wash your hands. Rather than using hot water, opt for more lukewarm water. This will prevent your hands from becoming excessively dry. When washing, reach for a more moisturizing soap. Liquid soaps are typically more hydrating, while bar soaps tend to dry out your skin. Look for soaps that include hydrating ingredients, like glycerin and lanolin, and be sure to slowly, gently wash. After washing, gently blot your hands with a towel, rather than roughly drying them. Finally, seal in the moisture by applying a light layer of a hand cream or lotion.

Hand cream

As mentioned, a hand cream is essential to sealing in moisture. Keeping one handy will help your hands stay soft and moisturized, as dry hands is practically inevitable when washing frequently. There are many options for what to use to keep your hands soft, and it all is up to your personal preference. You can choose a cream that is specifically formulated for your hands, a body lotion, or a basic cream/ointment. For a simple solution, you can pick up Vaseline from any local drugstore and use it to moisturize and treat dry areas.

Intoxicating Beauty’s founder & CEO, Teresa Norvell, has extremely dry skin due to having eczema. She carefully formulated Craft Body Brew to be ultra-hydrating, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy, making it a team favorite during this time.

How you mask

When you have to leave home for essential activities, it’s recommended to wear a facial covering. When wearing your mask, be mindful of your fabric choice. To keep your skin from getting too dry, avoid synthetic materials and pick something soft and natural such as cotton. Having a mask that is too tight can lead to your skin feeling tight and dry. Find the perfect medium between too breathable and too tight, so you can be protected while preventing dry skin.

A pink face mask is used to hydrate skin. Use gently products when keeping your skin moisturized.

Use gentle products

Now is the time to be gentle with your skin, especially after wearing masks. Especially with your cleansers, you’ll want to reach for something effective but gentle. Hydrating products are your best friend, soothing your skin after being irritated by the fitted fabrics. For extra self-care, try to do a hydrating face mask two to three times a week to keep your skin properly soothed and hydrated.

Keeping your body moisturized head to toe during quarantine is the key to feeling your best, so use these preventative tips and treatments to keep your body hydrated during quarantine.

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