How to Glow Head to Toe

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As the colder months approach, dry skin becomes everyone’s worst enemy. Hydration is essential all season long, and maintaining a glow becomes a full-time job. Lightweight moisturizers begin to be switched out for heavy-duty facial creams and oils, and your leg routine has accumulated a few steps. Skincare and body care during the winter months is an extensive process, but the glowing results will make it worth the invested time. Throughout these colder months, keep these glowing tips in mind for a head to toe glow.

1. Be Mindful of your Highlighter

Glossier highlighter products that help with dry skin.
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When your skin starts getting extra dry, your typical, beaming highlighter from summer might not be the best option. Powders tend to accentuate dryness, so other hydrating highlighters might be a better choice this season. This keeps your skin well-nourished while still providing a beautiful glow. If this sounds like what your skin is craving, reach for the Glossier Haloscope, the dew effect highlighter available in three shades. Topaz is described as a “healthy, sun-kissed glow,” Quartz is a “universally flattering, pearlescent highlight,” and Moonstone is an “opalescent glaze.” Haloscope bridges the worlds of skincare and makeup by featuring a core of vitamin-rich moisturizers to deliver a beautiful, dewy finish. The outer ring of Haloscope is infused with real crystals, with the inner core including coconut oil, castor seed oil, and sweet almond oil to nourish the skin. For an easy on-the-go look, simply swipe Haloscope along your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the tip of your nose, and eyelids for a glossy finish. If you want a more intense shine, consider layering a subtle glow-powder over a creamy finish. The Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder is a sheer, lightweight powder designed to provide a soft glow rather than a metallic finish. This is the perfect powder to use in the dryer months as it isn’t too harsh on the skin.

2. Nourish Your Hair

Kristen Ess products aimed towards dry skin.
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Oftentimes, hair isn’t receiving the TLC it needs in the winter month. In the winter, indoor heating systems tend to dry out hair, resulting in a dry, itchy scalp. This winter, giving your hair an extra bit of love will completely transform your styling. Affordable haircare brand, Kristin Ess, has the key products you need this winter: hair mask, leave-in conditioner, and scalp-purifying shampoo. The Weightless Hydration Daily Scalp + Hair Mask hydrates your hair, rebalances your scalp, strengthens hair, eliminates frizz, and overall smooths your hair. This mask is light enough for daily use, making it your new winter staple. Its partner-in-crime, the Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo, deeply cleanses your scalp while boosting shine, hydrating your scalp, and removing any product buildup. This shampoo is perfect fine hair, thick hair, and anyone in between. Finally, when you’re out of the shower, spray a generous amount of the iconic Weightless Shine Leave In Conditioner. This leave-in treatment locks in moisture to fight the drying effects of winter while also detangling and straightening hair. Glossy hair is crucial for glowing head to toe, so these scalp-savers are the perfect picks.

3. Give Your Body Extra Love

Intoxicating Beauty's Body Butter product.
Photo by Intoxicating Beauty

Flaky, dry skin is never fun, but Intoxicating Beauty has your dry-skin needs covered. The Salt Emollient Twist uses organic vodka, nourishing oils, shea butter, ultra-fine salt crystals to buff away rough, dead, flaky skin while keeping it well-nourished. Vodka purifies the skin, making this scrub a unique, beautiful addition to your shower routine. Follow this polish with the Craft Body Brew, a citrus-scented cream infused with beer to fight inflammation and deeply nourish the skin. If your skin needs a final coat of hydration, Beauty Bio’s The Radiance Nourishing Body Oil with Jojoba + Apricot + Olive Oil will lock in any moisture, deeply nourishing your entire body.

Some winter switches are more obvious than others, but certain parts of your body tend to be a little neglected. Pay close attention to the care your body craves so that this season, you can glow head to toe.

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