How to Get Soft Skin All Summer Long

Woman drinking water from a glass cup.

As the sizzling summer heat continues, that means right about now, your skin is likely feeling pretty sweaty and greasy. Nothing feels worse, though, than sweaty skin that’s also rough. With months of just hanging around in pajamas, it’s understandable if bodycare hasn’t been the number one priority. Now that it’s officially shorts season, it’s time to step up the bodycare game and enjoy smooth, soft skin all summer long.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to get, and maintain, soft skin this summer.

Most importantly, hydrate

If you aren’t drinking enough water every day, then your skin will surely show this. Drinking enough water gives your body the moisture it needs, helping your skin stay soft and radiant. Mix in your favorite fruits for added skin benefits.

Exercise often

Not only does working out do wonders for your mental health, but it also is great for your skin. Working out increases your blood flow, getting more nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. Regular exercise also helps your body produce collagen, keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

Intoxicating Beauty Sweet Hops Radiance on Tap.
Intoxicating Beauty Sweet Hops Radiance on Tap

Exfoliate weekly

One of the most crucial steps to achieving smooth skin is exfoliating regularly. Exfoliating removes dead skin that has built up with time, revealing your smooth, soft skin. Use the Intoxicating Beauty Radiance on Tap sugar polish to remove dead skin, even out your skin, and deeply nourish your skin. A good body scrub should leave you both smooth and hydrated, as removing dead skin allows your skin to better absorb moisture. Exfoliating is especially important after working out, as you need to remove the sweat and grime that will build up.

Moisturize frequently

It almost goes without saying, but make sure you are moisturizing your body frequently and with high-quality ingredients. The Intoxicating Beauty Craft Body Brew body butter is perfect for using in the morning, before bed, after showering, or any time in-between. With unique ingredients like beer and a blend of nourishing botanical oils, your skin will be soft and hydrated all summer long. For best results, after taking a shower or bath, moisturize your skin while it is still damp. This will allow your lotion to absorb better, providing better results over time.

Woman taking a shower using a handheld shower head.
Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova

Take cooler showers

Even more tempting as the temperature rises, a cooler shower is your best bet for softer skin. Excessively hot showers strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving you with dry, tight, itchy skin. Cooler water can help seal in your body’s moisture, so opt for a more refreshing shower this summer

Soft skin is the key to a flawless summer look, so use these key tips for smooth skin all summer long.

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