How to Create a Yoga Retreat at Home

Woman in a yoga pose at the comfort of her home.

If you have been missing hitting your favorite yoga studios while in quarantine, you’ve likely adjusted to follow a mindful routine at home. Yoga is a great way to destress your mind and body, allowing yourself some intentional time to stretch, breathe, and relax amidst the craziness of the world. If you want to take your yoga rituals a step further, then it might be time to consider taking yourself on an indulgent yoga retreat, right from home.

Keep reading to get all the inspiration you need to create a yoga retreat at home.

Set your goals and intentions

The most important thing to do before your “retreat” (staycation, if you will) is to set goals and intentions for the time ahead. Retreats are designed to help you reflect on your inner feelings, so you should plan to have a specific intention and/or goal in mind. Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve or discover form this time. Write it down in a journal, too, so that you can reflect on it later.

Meditating with phone face down, disconnecting from technology
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Plan ahead with work and friends

It’s not really a retreat or vacation if you’re stressing about work or plans the whole time. Do your best to get ahead on projects, tasks, emails, and any correspondence that could bog you down during your retreat. This will give you a chance to unplug from reality and fully immerse yourself in a peaceful experience. Tell your friends, family, and anyone else that you’ll be taking a break from the screens.

Turn off the technology

Seriously, turn off the screens. The world can wait. Tell your family and friends ahead of time to let you know if there’s an emergency, but try to stay away from mindless scrolling on social media. These habits can distract your mind, put you in a toxic mindset, delay your retreat, and end up making you feel more tense than when you started. A break for a day or two from social media will give you the biggest relief, so go ahead and turn on “Do Not Disturb.”

Set the atmosphere

If this were a real yoga retreat, there wouldn’t be dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, or makeup stains all over the bathroom counter. Clean your space and set the mood to make it a clean, minimal, peaceful space for you to unwind. Create a space that makes you feel calm, including adding candles, incense, cushions, lights, and more.

Woman thinking as she prepares to write into a planner.
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Create a schedule and menu

Don’t let yourself fall victim to wondering “what’s next?” Start your retreat by making a detailed schedule, carving out time for meals, yoga, meditation, journaling, spa time, and whatever else you’d like to squeeze in. Do some research on popular meals for yoga retreats or wellness spas, gathering the recipes to make them yourself. Clean, plant-based meals will be a great way to fuel your body and mind for the time you’ve set. Hide the junk food and snacks and set certain times to eat your healthy, delicious food. Following a schedule and menu will make the experience feel much more realistic, so try your best to follow this.


Now, you’re all set to have an amazing yoga retreat from home. Study the routines and practices you want to follow for the weekend, or even save some YouTube videos to follow. Use this time to focus on yourself as much as possible, immersing yourself in the relaxing, calming experience.

Indulging in a yoga retreat does not have to be difficult or expensive. Use these basic guidelines to set up the perfect yoga retreat, right from home.

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