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Choosing the perfect lip shade is a tricky process. From nudes to bolds, the right shade is out there for everyone. Picking your perfect shade of lipstick all depends on your skin tone and undertone. If you are unsure of your undertone, check your veins. If you have blue or purple veins, you likely have cool undertones. If you have green or olive veins, you likely have warm undertones. Anywhere in between means you likely have neutral undertones. With this information, finding the perfect shade of lipstick is merely a few steps away.

On fair skin tones, it is easy to feel as though lipstick makes you appear washed out or overpowered. To avoid this feeling, opt for shades such as light pinks, peaches, corals, nudes, and soft reds, like plum. If you have cool undertones, seek lipsticks with blue undertones. These blue undertones will not only make your teeth appear whiter, but they will also mimic your own undertones to flatter your look perfectly. This can be found in bright reds or sweet pinks. When searching for the perfect nude, look for nude lipsticks that have a pink hue to achieve the “my lips but better” look. A variety of lip shades are available for fair skin, so now any look can be complete!

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Medium skin tones commonly have neutral undertones, so there are many options out there. When considering nudes, look for true-tone nudes or peachy nudes to properly complement your skin tone. Rich shades of pink are best on medium skin tones, with berry shades being a wonderful option. Just as corals are great for fair skin, they are also a great fit for medium skin tones. Light, peachy pinks complete any look on medium skin tones. More olive tones work best with peachy nudes and true reds. Especially with warmer undertones, avoid blue undertones and opt for yellow-based lipsticks when shopping for that date-night red. With such a versatile color palette, choosing the perfect shade is limitless for medium skin tones.

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The best lipstick shades for dark skin tones are dark themselves. With this, a true, chocolate brown nude is the perfect nude for darker skin tones. For a sultry addition to your look, a copper brown adds a hint of sexiness for going out. Rosy, berry shades are the perfect pop of pink, especially when perfectly applied to the lower lip. A great lipstick tip is to carefully apply lipstick to your bottom lip, with the most color in the center, then lightly applied to the top lip. This enhances natural fullness and flatters your look perfectly. Just as with all shades, application is key. For summer or spring, opt for a matte coral stain to give your skin a bit of warmth. Each of these additions will make your skin pop, your makeup complete, and your smile the highlight of everyone’s day!

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Lipstick is the step of makeup that is a complete game changer. It can tone down a colorful look, it can add a pop of color to a neutral palette, or it can be the perfect “just because.” However you choose to finish your look, use this guide to pick the perfect shade for you.

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