Holiday Products for a Luxe Bath

Woman taking a luxe bath.

It’s officially that time of year! Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, holiday-scented candles lit all around the home, freshly baked sweets being shared, and of course, seasonal bubble bath products. The holidays can be so go go go, so it’s important to finally say “stop” and take time for yourself. One of the best ways to breathe and embrace your alone time is by taking a luxe, thoughtful bath. With so many holiday-themed products now available, now is the time to treat yourself to the most luxurious bath you’ll ever take.

Bath Bombs

Bath bomb in use during a luxe bath.
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It’s no secret Lush rules the world of bath bombs. They didn’t hold back with Christmas products this year, so get ready for an amazing bath experience.

Snow Fairy

If you’re sweet as can be, this is the one for you. Scented with cotton candy and musk, this pink bath bomb leaves your water with shimmery, sparkly pink swirls.

Santa’s Workshop

If Santa’s workshop looks anything like this bath bomb, we need to book a flight ASAP. Turquoise waters are paired with gold glitter to really get you in the holiday spirit. Ylang-ylang and tagetes oils lift your spirits as you relax in this delightful bath bomb.

Snowman Dreaming

Bored of simple bath bombs? This snowman packs quite the surprise, an entire rainbow! While this colorful bath bomb will excite your spirit, it’ll calm your mind with the relaxing scents of cedarwood and lavender. Let this snowman lull you to sleep, perfect for a cozy night in.

Luxury Lush Pud

If you love a good rainbow, but pink is more your thing, this is the one for your next bath. With the soul-soothing scent of bergamot and black currant, you’ll never want to leave these beautiful pink waters.


A family-friendly cinnamon treat, this bath bomb will invigorate your senses for the most fiery bath of your life. Not only will the red, orange, and yellow hues take your breath away, but the cinnamon and orange will bring your mind to life as popping candy crackles out of this powerful bath bomb.

Body Wash

Intoxicating Beauty's Beautitini Lime Vodka Tonic Body Wash product.

The only good kind of 2-in-1, body wash makes the perfect bubble bath, too. With these holiday scents, your bath will surely be next level.

Philosophy Candy Cane

Perfect for those who prefer morning showers, this uplifting scent will wake up your mind, lift your spirits, and of course make you smell amazing all day long. For a bath, pour this in to relax before an event.

Philosophy Spiced Eggnog

Nothing quite screams Christmas like eggnog, so fill your tub to the brim with spiced eggnog bubbles all season long!

Lush Yog Nog Naked Shower Gel

An eco-friendly option for this season, this package-free treat is perfect for any and all nights in.

Intoxicating Beauty Body Rinse on the Rocks

Indulge in this citrusy treat all season long, lifting your spirits after a long, cold day. The vodka-infused formula is enriched in aloe leaf juice and lime oil, so your skin will be left glowing, hydrated, and invigorated all winter long.   

One final treat

Woman rubbing a bar of soap on her skin during a luxe bath.
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Of course, the experience of a bath doesn’t have to end once the water is drained. Reach for the shimmer bar, Let it Snow, from Lush to cover your skin with delicate, lavender-scented sparkles.

Enjoy a little more “me-time” this holiday season through luxe, richly scented, highly moisturizing baths.

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