Guilt-Free Green Cocktails

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Luckily for wine lovers, doctors have proven time and time again that a glass of red wine a day provides a beneficial antioxidant boost. Regular, careful intake of dry red wine has real health benefits–people aren’t just making that up!

Red wine has health benefits, but what about other drinks? Dry wines and clear liquors are better for you than heavy, sweet liquors because of the low sugar and calorie levels occurring naturally.  So, if mixed cocktails are more your speed, or you’d just like to spice up certain occasions without sacrificing those health benefits–here are a few ideas.


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Ginger Lime Margarita: An exotic, fresh twist on the classic margarita. With low-calorie tequila and triple sec, and ginger’s gingerol compound–providing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and minerals–you’ll have a guilt-free, flavorful cocktail in no time.

  1. 2oz. Tequila

  2. 1oz. Cointreau

  3. 1 oz. lime juice

  4. fresh ginger

  5. lime slices and sweetener to taste

  6. ice


Photo By: shutterstock/ Elena Veselova

If you like piña coladas…put a fresh, hard twist on the classic with a little cucumber and vodka in exchange for rum. High in antioxidants and hydrating properties, cucumber promotes skin health from the inside out–and coconut water provides a healthy detox with a naturally sweet flavor.

  1. 2 oz. vodka

  2. 1 oz. fresh pineapple juice

  3. 1 oz. sparkling coconut water

  4. cucumber slices

  5. Ice


Photo By: shutterstock/ Martha Graham

The Barden: aptly named (by me), because of the wonderful balance of spirits and veggies, you can expect a healthy buzz from this cocktail. The recipe below calls for green pepper and celery slices, but the veggies are interchangeable based on your liking. Celery juice promotes healthy digestion and intestinal balance, while peppers are antioxidant-packed. Both have a high water content, providing natural hydration in a green vodka vessel.

  1. 2oz. ounces vodka

  2. green bell pepper slices

  3. fresh celery slices

  4. 1 oz. lime juice

  5. .5 oz. celery juice

  6. salt and black pepper mixture on the rim to taste


Whatever your preference, you can fully reap the benefits of your buzz by including fresh veggies, juices, and natural sweeteners to your cocktails–easily, tastily, and guilt free!

**Always consume responsibly.

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