The Best Fuss-Free Plants Your Home Needs This Spring

Easy Fuss-Free Plants

Does the idea of gardening appeal to you and fill you with dread at the same time? Are you incapable of keeping plants alive? Then this is for you. The following plants will bring life and color to your home with barely a stitch of effort on your part. These plants are survivors – ready and willing to endure neglect like you wouldn’t believe. Slight exaggeration aside, these plants are so incredibly low maintenance that they’d make the perfect, fuss-free addition to your windowsill. Let’s begin.

Aloe Vera Easy Plants
Photo by: New Africa/Shutterstock


These famous little succulents are a staple in most hydrating skincare products. Irritated, sun chapped, or very dry skin? Cut open an Aloe Vera spear and find its namesake gel known to soothe, refresh, and provide nourishing hydration in a matter of moments, and the plant itself carries on requiring nothing more than some sunlight and a little bit of whatever whenever you remember. Even if somehow you do manage to make this plant fear for its life, they bounce back like nothing else.

Pothos Easy Plants
Photo by ka pong26/Shutterstock


These long leafy plants help purify the air in your home as it absorbs toxins hidden in materials throughout your space. The best part? Pothos require very little in return. Save for some water (not too much) and light (they can survive in most light conditions), Pothos are the ultimate package – low maintenance and beautiful to boot. Their stems tend to trail out in long strands, but a quick trim here and there makes them a perfect fit anywhere in your home.

Snake Plant Easy Plants
Photo by: Vitaliy Kyrychuk/Shutterstock


Snake Plants, or “mother-in-law’s tongue” are deceptively easy to maintain. The plants’ leaves grow upright and have edges that vary in color. They’ll thrive in almost any lighting condition you put them in, and are at their best when their soil (and the air around them) is dry – it’s disarmingly simple.

Green thumb or not, we’re confident that you’ll raise these plants to live long, lush lives. Scatter them across your house this summer and let the fresh, colorful energy they produce wash over you. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back because you’re a plant parent now!

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