Female Influencer-founded Brands

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In the current age of social media, influencer marketing has reached its peak. Brands are currently relying on influencers, alternatively labeled as content creators, for aid in advertising and marketing. Influencers have quickly adapted to function as a one-person team, acting as their manager, creative director, editor, photographer, and more. When influencers become professionals in the game, they know all the ins and outs. Some female influencers have accumulated their knowledge of brand relations, social media strategy, product testing, and consumer feedback to then form their own brands. While some have had controversy and a lack of consumer support, several brands have thrived and mastered the world of entrepreneurship.

Photo of Lauren Goes and Marianna Hewitt.
Photo By: Haute Living

Summer FridaysFounded by Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, Summer Fridays is a skincare brand inspired by the summer tradition of “summer fridays,” where employees get to go home early. Marianna Hewitt’s story of success is inspiring to many, as she was one of the initial partakers in social media content creation. With a one-way ticket to LA, a degree in communications, and a dream to become Oprah, Marianna took what she learned from her education and initial jobs to launch her YouTube channel and blog, Life With Me. Similarly, Lauren Gores Ireland earned a degree in journalism, started blogging before it was on a large scale, and worked in television as an anchor and host. Her blog, You & Lu, has been loved by many for posting about motherhood, wellness, beauty, fashion, and more. These two women came together to form Summer Fridays, launching with the now-iconic Jet Lag Mask. The thought behind the branding and production goes down to every meticulous detail; the women wanted to use the tube packaging to make the product easier to photograph. Within two weeks of launching Jet Lag Mask, the mask had become the best-selling skincare product on Sephora and was featured in Vogue, WWD, Allure, Health, US Weekly, and The Cut. All products are pregnancy-safe and free of harmful ingredients. These two mega-influencers have been incredibly successful with their brand, and the future holds much more.

Photo of Aspyn Ovard.
Photo By: Aspyn Ovard

Luca + GraeYoutuber Aspyn Ovard Ferris has quite the social presence, with over 3 million subscribers on Youtube and 2 million Instagram followers. She has built a strong presence as a content creator, and in mid-2016, she launched her online clothing shop, Luca + Grae. Based in Utah, Ovard has been creating videos for almost a decade. She has built a name for herself through her own branded content as well as a variety of collaborations with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Each piece from Luca + Grae is directly approved by Aspyn to ensure it reflects her own personal style. Luca + Grae is bohemian, whimsical, beachy, and always on-trend. With a following of over 200K, Luca + Grae has earned a good deal of success in the indie-clothing space.

Photo By: Tan Lines

Tan Lines – Tan Lines is a new swimwear brand founded by influencer Sivan Ayla. Sivan is an LA native, wife, mom, and blogger. Her tagline, + Lux Unfiltered, represents her mission to live her best life in an attainable way. Looking for the luxuries in everyday life, Sivan is also known for her unfiltered approach to life. Sivan’s followers trust and adore her for her authenticity and drive. Now a mother to her daughter, Capri, Sivan quickly added motherhood to her long list of blogging topics. Quickly realizing social media was obsessed with babies, she launched her very own swimwear collection, inspired by her travels and her baby. The collection includes a variety of bikinis for women as well as matching suits for babies. Sivan applied her personal interests to the products, down to one of the suit colors, rosé, and styles that flatter pregnant women. Her product information is transparent; the suits are made in Bali, created from 80% recycled polyamide 20% elastane, and are ethically & sustainably made using recycled materials. The first launch immediately sold out, but Sivan has promised much more from Tan Lines. With such a strong following, it is bound to continue in its success.

Photo of Annie Lawless.
Photo By: Lawless Beauty

Lawless – Lifestyle blogger, Annie Lawless, has taken the world by storm with her accomplishments. She focuses on wellness and clean ingredients due to her experiences with chronic eczema and Celiac disease. Her resume boasts being a certified holistic health coach, a yoga instructor, founder of Suja Juice, and founder of Lawless Beauty. Annie is a New York Times Best Selling author and Forbes 30 under 30 winner, and she uses her blog, Blawnde, to share her lifestyle and beauty favorites with others. Lawless products are “Clean AF” (Clean Always Free), promising to never include ingredients that are bad for you. All Lawless products are free of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone, and endocrine-disrupting ingredients. The brand is cruelty-free and emphasizes the use of naturally-derived ingredients. Specializing in makeup, the brand offers a range of lipsticks, powders, foundations, and more.

With Intoxicating Beauty also being a female-founded company, it is important to lift others. The world of influencers is clearly powerful, and these women are making massive strides in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

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