Fashion Trends for a Sustainable Summer

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Warm weather is rapidly approaching, and with it, bright summer fashion. From florals to gingham to polka dots, summer fashion holds endless possibilities to bring forth your playful side. The good news is, in 2019, you can be playful while also being sustainable. Sustainable fashion is rapidly working its way up in the fashion realm, encouraging consumers to think carefully about their purchases.

Fast fashion is cheap, quickly produced clothing in response to the latest trends. Fast fashion is heavily influenced by the runway and today’s culture of consumerism. It allows the average consumer to afford a trendy lifestyle, but it holds a greater cost.

Due to its mass production and less expensive materials, fast fashion articles are, commonly, low quality. Captivating the audience with its small price tag, fast fashion articles tend to go in the trash within months. The now empty space in the closet is quickly filled with the latest pieces, and the cycle continues. In the countries where the clothes are produced, the manufacturing process causes toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes, and synthetic fabrics to seep into water supplies. This same issue is present in America when the clothing is washed.

Because the materials are not biodegradable, they can not break down, polluting the air. In an effort to reduce the fashion industry’s massive carbon footprint, many companies have grounded themselves in sustainable, ethical practices. As summer trends continue to evolve, there is an abundance of sustainable choices fit for Instagram.

1. Puff Sleeves – The 80s are alive and thriving in the fashion world. Puff sleeves have taken the fashion world by storm this summer, making it a staple in every influencer’s closet. Puff sleeves integrate elegance and funk to set today’s style. Dress it down with a pair of naked sandals, or dress it up with the perfect heeled mules this summer. Wear puff sleeves sustainably with the Reformation Bowie Dress, the linen-made dress fit for summer.

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2. Linen – Speaking of linen, it is the fabric for summer. Linen is heat and sweat-friendly, making it ideal for those hot, sunny days. Paired beautifully with many other fabrics, linen is a breezy essential for summer. Bring an old-fashioned favorite back to life with the Reformation Lucia Top.

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3. Rose – White is the typical choice for the color of summer, but rose has crept its way toward stardom. This traditionally feminine color has the ability to serve as an outfit’s centerpiece or merely an accompanying neutral. With summer being the ideal time of year to focus on your health, Girlfriend Collective provides sustainable athleisure in on-trend colors. The Dusty Rose Jane Tee and Dusty Rose Compressive High-Rise Legging perfectly fit the summer rose trend.

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4. Woven Bags – One of the hottest trends this summer is woven bags. They are extremely versatile, able to fit with a casual or dressy outfit. Many include both straps as well as handles, so its look can work with a variety of clothes. From a fan-shaped bag to a wide beach bag, the most popular version of this summer trend is the classic, round bag. Sustainable company 31 Bits approaches this trend with a unique take, adding a gold metal handle to complete their Woven Drum Bag. Made in Bali with clean, safe workshops and fair pay, this bag will complete all of your summer looks.

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Slowly stepping away from fast fashion can be tricky at first, but through slow, sustainable fashion, consumers can save money and the environment simultaneously. Eco-friendly materials are becoming the new standard for modern fashion, and this summer is the time to try it for yourself.

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