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Aside from colorful foliage, the fall season brings a host of fickle conditions for our skin to consider. As the hot summer heat has taken a toll on our skin, we all had a particular skincare routine to help us get through this summer’s heatwave.  Now it’s time for us to prepare how we will take care of our skin for the fall as the sunny, summer days come to an end and the autumn leaves start to roll in.  Like we change our wardrobe for each season, we must do the same for our skincare.  Here’s how we’re reorganizing our skincare shelf this season.

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More Moisture, Please!

In the summer heat it’s pretty hard to fathom slapping on rich creams or serums when your skin is in a state of severe overhydration (see: your oily t-zone). But when fall rolls around, the lower temperatures and lack of humidity tend to strip your skin of its moisture and then some– making hydrating serums and moisturizers relevant again. Depending on your skin type, the number of moisturizing products you’ll want to introduce will vary. Oily skin types may feel just fine by simply adding a hydrating serum before their daily moisturizer or incorporating sheet masks into their routine, whereas very dry skin types will want to use a creamy facial cleanser, a face oil, anda rich cream for day and night. Only you will be able to judge what the right level of moisture is for your skin, but no matter where you stand, everyone can use some extra hydration in the fall.

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Mask, Mask, Mask

If you’re a regular reader of ours, chances are you’re also a regular face-masker. During the fall months, we love working in weekly (or daily) masking treatments into our routine. Gentle purifying masks, rich moisture masks, and just about any essence-soaked sheet mask is fair game during this time to keep our complexions plump, smooth, and moisturized.

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Exfoliate Often

Our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down as we get older. Regular exfoliation is a must no matter the time of year, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, when it comes to keeping your skin congestion and flake-free.  This will help our skin continue to turnover as we get older to give us a younger, glowing complexion. There are so many different types of exfoliates out there. Crushed grape seeds, walnut shells, milk, coffee, sugar and salt are just a few of the all-star natural ingredients you can find in an exfoliant.  They are known for their ability to gently slough off dead skin, revealing the baby soft freshness that lies beneath. Exfoliating treatments for the face and body (and don’t forget the lips please) are also keys to boosting the efficacy of the skincare products you put on afterwards, meaning your moisturizers, serums, and oils will penetrate deeper and give you the ultra-soft skin you want.  Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin prior to shaving.  It will help remove the dead skin cells that can cause that horrible clog your razor we are all familiar with.





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