Fall Skincare Do’s and Don’ts

Woman hiding behind a yellow leaf in the fall.

Summer has come and gone, washing over us in the form of obscenely high temperatures, afternoon showers, and sweat – and quite frankly we couldn’t be happier.  The fall season is where we, here at Intoxicating Lifestyle, thrive. We can bring our knits out of hibernation, and most importantly –refresh our skincare routines. Here are the ways we’ll be rethinking our skincare regimens this autumn.

Woman applying sunscreen in the fall.
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DO continue to apply sunscreen

Don’t let the lack of heat advisories fool you – you should still be incorporating sunscreen into your skincare routine, no matter the season. If you’re still curious about where it should go in your skincare routine, it’s the final and most important step, after your moisturizer. One more thing – you should be reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day.  Translucent powder formulas like this one by Supergoop, or a SPF infused setting spray make reapplying sunscreen easy.

Moisturizer by a candle and a sweater.
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DON’T skimp out on the moisturizer

While you may have been able to ditch your cream moisturizers in favor of lighter gel creams or a hydrating mists during the summer time, the you’re going to want to keep skin happy and hydrated going into the fall. Temperature changes can be harsh enough on the skin already – so be prepared for cooler weather with a nourishing crème to keep skin balanced and soft.

Woman getting a facial at a spa.
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DO book a facial

We may be biased, but nothing says “fresh start” quite like a trip to your facialist. While we love a quarterly facial, try to see your esthetician at least once a year to slough off dead skin, extract impurities and bacteria from pores, and treat skin to some tender love and care.

Woman applying moisturizer to her hands.
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DON’T forget hand cream

Fact: You’ll seldom catch an IL editor without a hand cream in their bag. And as we up the ante on moisturizing in the fall, we refuse to neglect our hands. We love this super nourishing cream by Aesop because it keeps hands silky soft (but never greasy) all day long, and is the perfect finishing touch on a fresh manicure.

Woman applying moisturizer to her neck.
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DO moisturize your neck

Never. Neglect. Your neck. Especially as the weather starts to cool, the skin on our neck and décolleté is extra delicate thus extra prone to dehydration and dryness. Besides, think of all the sunshine your chest got during the summertime in your spaghetti straps and bikini tops – it’s dying for some hydration to bounce back. So always remember to take your hyaluronic serums, oil balms, and creams down to your chest too.

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