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We’ve all heard that our skin is a reflection of what’s underneath. Feeling tired? Your skin may be a bit sallow. Stressed? You may be nursing a breakout or two. But what if we told you that your skin’s condition could be an indicator of something much deeper? Say, the quality of your liver or kidney function? Face mapping, the ancient practiced rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, is believed to do just that – connecting parts of your face to an organ or area of the body in order to diagnose imbalances occurring in the body. Face mapping is in no way a replacement for the science and technologies that good old western medicine provides, it’s of particular interest to us (and hopefully you too), as it helps us learn a bit more about the skin we’re in and the bodies it encapsulates. Today, we’re breaking it down.



According to Ayurvedic teachings, the forehead relates to the nervous and digestive systems. Meaning a lackluster diet and an extra helping of stress could lead to breakouts here. Forehead breakouts may also be indicators of gallbladder or liver issues, according to Ayurveda.



Discoloration on the cheek area could be indicative of a slowing metabolism or insufficient nutrients – like folic acid, iron, and other vitamins and minerals we need to keep us healthy. In this vein, we can begin to understand why we’re prone to pesky breakouts on the cheeks after a night of greasy eating. Ayurvedic teachings also posit that cheeks could say something about the function of your lungs.



The nose is believed to be connected to the circulatory system, meaning breakouts here could be pointing to blood or heart complications. A nose breakout could mean your blood pressure is a tad high. Counteract this by upping your intake of essential fatty acids.



Ayurvedic specialists hold that your chin is where any and all hormonal imbalances will manifest. In the throws of your menstrual cycle? You’ll probably encounter a few blemishes there. Arm yourself with ample sleep, less stress, and your favorite spot treatment and you’re good to go.


While we’re not practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, and don’t expect to diagnose full scale illness by assessing our complexion alone, face mapping helps us make sense of our skin and the sometimes bizarre things it puts us through.  The better we understand ourselves and our complexions, the better equipped we are to give it and our bodies what they truly need and deserve – the best.

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