Everything You Need to Know About Holistic Skincare

Colorful crystals, used for holisitc wellness, lay on a flat blue surface.

Holistic wellness is popping up everywhere, and it’s likely about to make its way into your skincare routine, too. The word “holistic” itself means looking at something or someone comprehensively to find a solution. When applied to the beauty world, holistic skincare is used to energize and connect your mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic skincare is all about energy. Formulators of these unique beauty products ensure the ingredients are as pure in energy as possible before including them in the final production of the product. If the ingredient isn’t pure, then the formulater takes the necessary steps to cleanse it. This can be done by surrounding the ingredient with smoke, giving it a moon or sun bath, fire cleansing, light cleansing, and other methods.

Colorful crystal wands, used in holistic wellness, on a pink background.
Photo by Zenza Flarini on Shutterstock

Unlike many brands releasing products according to holidays or trends, holistic skincare takes a much different approach to launch dates. Launch dates for these beauty products can depend on celestial events, ceremonies, rituals, designated spaces, and many other factors. The process is thoughtful, intentional, and meticulous to ensure a high-quality, pure final product.

Even the atmosphere for creating the products in key. You likely won’t find these products being mass-produced in a factory. Many producers of holistic skincare use crystals to energize the space, essential oils to relax the air, and soothing music to calm the mind.

Holistic skincare is designed to do more than help address your skincare concerns. Yes, many of these products will, of course, help clear your skin or address other concerns. The key goal, though, of holistic skincare is to connect your mind, body, and soul through the pure energy of each ingredient. Holistic skin care strives to enhance your personality and beauty from the inside out, clearing your skin as it clears your heart and mind, too. It cleanses you inside and out, quite literally!

Aroma diffuser ,which can be used for holisitic wellness approaches, surrounded by lit pink and purple candles.
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Just as holistic skin care was made with a mindful, intentional, peaceful atmosphere, you should use it similarly. Unwind, shut off the world, turn off your phone, and let yourself breathe in peace as you do your skincare. Setting the right environment can make an incredible difference for you in all aspects of life, but especially when using products that were intended to be used in a pure, mindful space. Give yourself the same love using the products that was used to create them.

As holistic means looking at things comprehensively, it doesn’t just stop with the beauty products. To truly practice a holistic beauty routine, wellness has to pour into all aspects of your life. Give your skin, hair, and body products with nourishing, mindful ingredients. Be mindful of your diet and everything you’re putting in your body. Make sure you’re giving your body plenty of rest and care, whether through exercise or a nap.

You’ll know if holistic skincare and wellness is working for you if you, overall, feel more balanced and whole. Do you feel like your spirit is being lifted, or your heart feeling less heavy? Are your skin concerns slowly diminishing? When you see the small changes become big lifestyle achievements, you’re doing it right.

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  1. Thanks for the tip that staying away from distractions such as my phone would also be one of the things to consider when getting a holistic skin care treatment. I’ve been noticing come wrinkles on my forehead lately whenever I smile and that concerns me greatly. I think managing my stress levels would help a lot in trying to keep my skin young at this age.

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