Enhance Your Love Life with These 3 Essential Oils

Essential Oil Love

In the wellness world, there seems to be an essential oil for everything. Feeling down? Try Sweet Orange Oil. Feeling sick? Go for Eucalyptus. Need some sleep? Look for Lavender. You get the gist. And when it comes to romance, we weren’t surprised to learn that there are essential oils for that too. Whether you’re single, dating, or married – you (and your partner) are bound to find something to love about these flirty and romantic essential oils. Do you use essential oils to set the mood? Share the love in the comments.

Rose Essential Oil Love
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Rose Essential Oil

Much like receiving an actual bouquet of fresh roses, the aroma of Rose Oil has a knack for tugging on our heart strings, making us feel warm, loved, and just plain special. Whether you’re looking to rediscover the romance in your relationship with your partner, or improve your relationship with yourself (the most important relationship of all, if you ask us) – Rose Essential Oil’s posited self esteem boosting benefits inspires us to practice more self-love, boosts our confidence, and helps foster the romance in the bedroom. Our favorite way to enjoy Rose Essential Oil? Add a few drops to an aromatherapy diffuser, or dilute it in a carrier oil and use it topically as an all natural fragrance that is sure to attract attention.

Sage Essential Oil Love
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Clary Sage Essential Oil

Said to be an aphrodisiac, we had to include Clary Sage Essential Oil in this list. The oil’s crisp, fresh, and woody fragrance is believed to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and support your overall sense of well-being. Three things that make for a healthy and positive sexual practice. Clary Sage’s tension relieving properties make it a welcome addition to DIY massage oils which 1. make a great handmade “just because” gift for your partner/love interest, 2. are a great way to inspire intimacy and romance, and 3. work wonders on tense areas of the body where we tend to hold on to stress, like the shoulders and neck.

Neroli Essential Oil Love
Photo by: shutterstock/AmyLv

Neroli Essential Oil

Derived from orange blossoms, the sweet floral fragrance of Neroli Essential Oil is said to relax the mind and body, promote arousal, and support a healthy libido. Could this be why it’s a wildly popular ingredient in the fragrance industry? Who knows, but we’re most definitely on board. For those who live stressful lives (most of us), and are fraught with everyday worries and anxieties that can distract us in the bedroom, or leave us feeling uninspired to “woo” our partner (still most of us), Neroli Essential Oil is said to be an all natural approach to de-stressing, and promoting the relaxation we need to be in the moment, and enjoy ourselves and our partners. We love Neroli Essential Oil in our fragrances of course, but it also works wonderfully in an aromatherapy diffuser, and is a perfect complement to that Clary Sage infused massage oil we mentioned earlier.

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