Dry Brushing: What You Need To Know

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Whether from a friend, family member,  or spa menu, chances are you’ve heard of dry brushing before.  The reality of the practice is relatively simple – brush your dry skin with a rough, brittle body brush and achieve smoother, softer limbs as a result.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Read on as we dive in and discuss all of the incredible benefits you can see for your skin from the hassle free practice of dry brushing.

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It’s Exfoliating

It goes without saying that taking a brittle brush to dry skin is going to exfoliate your skin by shedding dead skin cells and encouraging cell renewal. We love getting a good dry brushing session in before hopping in the shower because it allows us to get a deeper clean and closer shave, which allows whatever moisturizing body butters, lotions, or oils you apply afterwards be better absorbed by the skin. Not to mention that the exfoliation keeps skin looking bright, and less likely to develop pesky ingrown hairs at the same time.

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It Promotes Circulation

The benefits of dry brushing are more than just skin deep, however. The practice is akin to a massage in the sense that it helps improve lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation.

Essentials for a healthy lifestyle and a necessary step if you want to avoid varicose or spider veins in the future. Dry brushing has also been said to help eliminate toxins and encourage your body’s discharge of metabolic wastes – which basically just means it helps rid your body of the bad stuff so it can run more efficiently.

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It Helps Improve Muscle Tone

Probably the most buzz-worthy benefit of dry brushing is its supposed fat disintegrating properties. Many claim that consistent (and we do mean consistent) dry brushing helps break down stubborn areas of fat and help muscle tone. Obviously there’s only so much a heavy handed brush against your skin can do, but celebs and common folk alike have sung the praises of dry brushing for lessening the appearance of cellulite – and that’s enough for us.

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It Perks You Up in the Morning

If you’re the type who prefers a morning shower, you may want to dry brush before hand to add an extra pep to your morning routine. Dry brushing has been shown to help stimulate the nerve cells, hence the satisfying tingle you may feel while brushing.

Sold on dry brushing? So are we. If you’re veteran dry brusher, we’d love to know if you’ve seen any other benefits we could add to our arsenal, share them with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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