Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: Mercury Retrograde Begins On Halloween This Year

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The spookiest night of the year may have just gotten a little bit spookier. The 31st of October will also mark the beginning of another mercury retrograde and may be the creepiest thing happening this fall season.

Lasting for approximately three weeks (until November 20), this retrograde will be in the constellation Scorpio and will bring with it some unique astrological challenges to look out for.

So what do we need to know in order to navigate this tumultuous period with ease?

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What is mercury retrograde?

In astrology, Mercury is considered to be the ruling planet of communication, as well as honestly, clear thinking, travel and technology.

Three times each year, Mercury’s orbit slows down and appears to move backward, creating the optical illusion known in astrology as “turning retrograde.”

For this reason, when the planet ruling communication slows down, it is believed by some to bring with it periods of “bad luck” or crossed ties in these areas of our lives.

What does a mercury retrograde mean?

The truth behind mercury retrograde is that although it’s important to be more alert and conscious during these astrological shifts, they may not necessarily always bring bad luck.

These periods can often be intense but also have the potential to spark forward momentum through the deep, emotional, and truth-revealing conversations that often accompany them.

The constellation within the retrograde at the time (Scorpio in this case) can also help highlight additional precautions and insights when it comes to anticipating changes during a retrograde.

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What is mercury retrograde in Scorpio?

Mercury will be in the constellation Scorpio this retrograde. Often private, passionate, deep, and intense, Scorpio is sometimes considered the “dark horse” of the zodiac.

With their poison-filled stinger always ready to strike, a retrograde in Scorpio can get intense pretty quickly.

So what should we expect during a retrograde in Scorpio? Astrologer Lisa Stardustdeep told Bustle that we should be prepared to reassess communications and for hidden feelings to surface. This retrograde will be all about getting to the truth of the matter.

Because of Scorpio’s influence, this planetary transit is predicted to potentially be the most emotional and intense retrograde that the planet will experience in 2019.

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Tips for mercury retrograde in Scorpio

Astrology experts such as Susan Miller of Astrology Zone offer the following tips for surviving this upcoming Halloween mercury retrograde with ease:

Avoid making any major decisions

This includes big moves, contracts, lease agreements, job changes, relationship changes, or any big decision that may later be subject to change once the retrograde is complete.

Extend loving kindness and patience in your relationships

You may be more prone to greater miscommunication and misunderstandings with family, friends or loved ones during this period. Therefore it’s important to approach conversations (especially deeper, more meaningful ones) with an extra level of patience, compassion and open-mindedness.

Triple check travel itineraries

If traveling between Oct 31-Nov 20, it may be a good time to opt in for that travel insurance add-on. Be sure to double check hotel bookings and flight confirmations ahead of time, as you might be more likely to criss-cross communications when it comes to travel details.

Have you experienced the effects of mercury retrograde in your life? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

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