De-Stress Your Weekend Routine

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For most of us, summer is just around the corner–and with the sweet release of summer sunshine, usually comes much more stress. To come down from the stress of your thesis or your 9 to 5, we’ve curated 5 easy ways for a Saturday and Sunday comedown.

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Enjoy No Makeup Weekends

The effortless, natural makeup look might be the biggest trend since skinny brows. Thankfully, this one is much more universal, adaptable, and leaves much less room for regret. Brands and social media stars alike are paving the way for this trend–bushy brows, visible acne and scars, pink cheeks. Throw your hair in a French twist and get to work on your perfect natural look–or, let your skin breathe going makeup and stress free.

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Bake Something New

If you haven’t logged into your Pinterest account since 2013…you’re probably not alone. But if you’re looking for new ways to bring stress-free fun to your weekends, maybe give it a try in the name of cooking. Like most of the Internet, it’s brimming with recipes for snacking and cooking and baking. Bake something you never have before–or something you’ve never tried before. Make a vegan pumpkin spice mug brownie, or whatever tickles your dopamine gland.

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Write Yourself a Thank You Letter

One of the most important ways to close a stressful week and begin a new one is to care for yourself mentally. Writing yourself a letter is an A-1 way to do that. Make a list of what you’re proud of doing, the things you love about yourself, the things you accomplished that you didn’t think you would. Set goals for the upcoming week and thank yourself for being such a badass. You’re welcome, self.

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Do a Mindful Workout

So you’ve never tried yoga, dancing, or SoulCycle? You’ve never listened to your mind’s needs and reflected that in your physical activities? This Saturday is the perfect time to start. Balancing the mind’s needs with the body’s physical needs is key to a relaxing workout, and will make a difference in how you feel. Be mindful. Put on some mood music. Work it out.

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Be a Kid Again

Sometimes the best way to unwind is to release our inner child, or do things that brought us joy when we were much younger. Be childlike on the weekends. Visit a farmer’s market or art fair, paint your emotions, play tennis, or bike down your favorite trail. Do anything that makes you feel youthful and that dissolves the stress of daily life, even if it’s only for a weekend.

We hope that you find a way to de-stress your Saturdays and Sundays by whatever means necessary. Give these tips a try to brave the home stretch until summertime!

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