Crystals in your Skincare? Here’s What You Need to Know

Crystals Skincare

Whether you’re dusting your morning matcha with adaptogens, practicing meditation or manifesting positive vibes with a vision board, it seems like everyone is on a quest for ultimate mind and body wellness these days. Along the way, the wellness scene set its sights on a new buzz-worthy topic: crystals. While crystals have been a fixture in new age circles for quite some time given their perceived ability to emit positive vibrational energy, dispel bad vibes, and help promote mental and spiritual balance – we’re here to tell you that they’re in the midst of a beauty moment and are rumored to have earned a place in your skincare routine. Wondering how? Read on.

Energizing Crystals Skincare
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They Energize 

Tourmaline, which is more popularly known for its ability to “absorb” negative energy, purify your space, and provide a mental and emotional detox is now being touted as must have ingredient in your skincare products. Considered an “energizing,” stone, Tourmaline infused skincare products and facial rollers have been shown to energize, firm, and tone skin to help you look more awake and rejuvenated. We recommend incorporating a facial massage with a Tourmaline facial roller in your morning routine to perk up tired skin.

Calming Crystals Skincare
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They Calm

Also known as the crystal of love, Rose Quartz is considered a must have for promoting self-love and keeping the good vibes going.  Turns out, just as Rose Quartz is believed to soothe your heart – it also does a great job at soothing sensitive, over reactive skin. When infused in skincare products, Rose Quartz helps target inflammation and stimulate circulation in the skin, keeping skin cell’s healthy and engaged. Rose Quartz facial rollers like this one are also key for quelling skin inflammation and soothing redness.

Brightening Crystals Skincare
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They Brighten 

In the wellness community, Citrine, a crystal known for it’s optimistic, positive energy has been said to help promote mental clarity and aid digestion. Citrine is becoming a popular addition to skincare products because of its alleged ability to enhance your glow and boost skin’s overall radiance. Citrine infused skincare products are often designed to tackle dull, tired skin and leave skin looking and feeling softer, brighter, and more luminous. We’ll take it!

While we may not be in a hurry to opt for only gem-infused skincare products, we’ll definitely be incorporating crystal facial rollers into our routine (and keeping a little Rose Quartz in our pocket). Have you tried any crystal infused skincare? Thoughts? Sound off below!

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