Creative Ways to Connect with Others from Home

Woman on a teleconference meeting with friends while drinking coffee.

As the world comes together to practice social distancing, it’s normal to begin feeling lonely. You miss your routine. Your favorite coffee shop down the street, that 8am yoga class you forced yourself to go to, and, of course, your friends’ homes. Though you can’t physically be out and about to do all of these things, technology is on your side through this.

Navigating life from home can be tricky, and it can feel lonely. It’s important to not allow yourself to actually be alone, though. If you’re looking for ways to connect with others (other than Zoom board meetings), keep reading to discover some thoughtful, unique ways to stay close.

Woman on her laptop late at night - watch a movie with your friends using screen share applications.
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Movie Nights

Can’t go to the movies or someone else’s home? No worries! Thanks to various applications and extensions, it is now possible to share your screen with someone (with audio muted, so munch away) as you watch a movie. One popular Chrome extension is Netflix Party, allowing you to share the world of Netflix with a family member, friend, or significant other. You can see each other’s reactions, so you can still scream, laugh, and cry together. Grab the popcorn, candy, and wine, and enjoy your movie night as you normally would!

Woman in the kitchen frothing her milk for a coffee - have a virtual coffee date during stay at home orders.
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Coffee or Brunch Dates

Missing your favorite coffee shop? Bring it right to your home by getting a little creative. Pick a few of your favorite drinks from your favorite local coffee shop and try making them at home. Many websites or local grocery shops offer specialty milks and syrups, so you can enjoy those unique lattes right from the comfort of home. Make your perfectly frothed cup, flip yourself some pancakes, and call a friend to catch up. Scheduling these virtual coffee dates can provide a sense of normalcy, still giving you that indulgent yet cozy feel.

Woman making dinner while on her laptop - use time with stay at home orders to make dinner with a friend over video chat.
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Dinner Dates

If you’re away from your significant other for the time being, consider doing a dinner date. For a simple dinner date, you could simply get in your pajamas and eat a meal together as you talk. To go the extra step, though, make it as real as possible. Dress up, doing your hair, makeup, and putting on that dress you’ve been saving for a special night. Find a recipe you’ve both been wanting to try, get the ingredients, and make it “together.” You both can cook and enjoy it over video chat, whether it’s a successful or failed attempt.

Taking notes in a book during a video call - continue your book club meetings and connecting with others using video call software.
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Book Club

Need a way to stay in touch with your colleagues or classmates? Consider putting together a book club! Not only will you be getting a taste of something new, but you all can have unique, enriching conversations about whatever you’re reading and beyond. More than likely, the book will inspire conversations that go beyond the discussion points, allowing everyone to get to know one another even more.

Woman with a paint tray and brush painting on a canvas - there's no better time than now to get creative and start getting into arts and crafts.
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Arts & Crafts

A great idea for kids, too, doing virtual arts and crafts is extremely soul-soothing. The options are limitless; you can paint, draw, mold, or whatever other art form you have handy. This activity is a great way to laugh together, especially if you aren’t the most skilled artists. If your household is healthy and sanitary, you could even mail each other what you created.

Staying connected doesn’t have to be limited to boring, simple video calls. Use these creative ideas to stay connected to your loved ones, right from home.

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