CBD Infused Spa Treatments Worth Trying

Woman getting a massage at a spa.

CBD (or Cannabidoil) is a natural compound found in Cannabis that (unlike its notorious counterpart, THC) doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. It is however, largely known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, which has made it all the rage in the wellness world as of late. An added bonus? CBD is packed with essential fatty acids that keep skin plump and hydrated, along with antioxidants that help ward off free radicals and keep skin looking youthful and radiant. So it’s no wonder that CBD has become one of the beauty world’s most buzz-worthy ingredients! CBD has become so popular, in fact, it’s showing up in spas around the world via infused oils, scrubs, masks, you name it. As if a spa day weren’t relaxing enough, thanks to the addition of CBD infused beauty, your relaxation levels are about to go way, way up. Here are a few of our favorite spas offering CBD infused treatments.

CBD Spa 2019
Photo By: Solage

Solage – Calistoga, CA

Not only does Solage offer artisanal wine tastings, they also have a 20,000 square foot spa facility – complete with a bath house, geothermal pools, and an extensive treatment menu. Among the Napa Valley resort’s spa treatments is the “Mellow Me Out” package which includes CBD infused products. Spa-goers will receive a full, head-to-toe exfoliation, a moisturizing massage, followed by foot, hair, and scalp treatments. Every step of this ultra-soothing treatment incorporates CBD infused products to truly enhance your mellow, rejuvenate skin, and soothe sore, tired muscles.

Photo By: St. Anne’s Spa

St. Anne’s Spa – Grafton, Ontario

Tucked away in the Canadian countryside, St. Anne’s Spa is the perfect place for an ultra-relaxing hideaway. Their stone farmhouses turned rustic spa-villas are home to some seriously soothing treatments and amenities – like their Eucalyptus steam room, field stone grotto, and reiki and hydrotherapy treatments. St. Anne’s standout treatment, though? Their Canna-Massage – which features a full body “herbal rejuvenation” treatment, using CBD infused essential oils. Spa-goers will even be gifted a bottle of the spa’s CBD infused aromatherapy oil as a parting gift – and who doesn’t love a free gift?

Photo By: Earthbody Spa

Earthbody Spa – San Francisco, CA

This Ayurveda inspired, fully organic day spa has an entire menu dedicated to CBD infused treatments, or what they would call “Cannabis rituals.” Each ritual is thoughtfully designed to help relieve pain and tension while lowering stress levels and taking you to a place of total relaxation. Their “Ritual to Soothe” features a deep tissue massage with a focus on the neck and shoulders (where a lot of us tend to hold our stress and tension), followed by an exfoliating dry brushing session, hot towels, and a full body massage using CBD infused massage oils. We’re chill just thinking about it.

Have you ever tried a CBD infused beauty treatment? What did you think? Any spas you could recommend? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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