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Woman doing core exercises at home while watching videos online.

Is hitting the gym part of your regular routine? If so, it’s okay to be feeling frustrated and confused right now. Having a core part of your routine disrupted can overwhelm you, but we’re here to help you bring a bit of normalcy back to your routine. Like many others, your home is likely now […]

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Woman in a bathtub rubbing soap on her skin - take advantage of quarantine time to keep up with your skin wellness.

Have you, like many of us, been working on your “quarantine glow up” the last few weeks? With so much time at home, this is the perfect time to finally dive into a full-body routine, pampering yourself head to toe. With those spare hours, indulge in your self-care routine, spending a little more time giving […]

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Woman sitting behind a kitchen table drinking tea and surrounded by plants.

While working from home, there is a world of opportunities just waiting. We now have time to do so much more than we could on the go, and it’s important to take full advantage of this time. As we all close our doors and practice social distancing for now, we can try new things, fall […]

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Holding a pink mug with tea in it - learn about our caffeine alternatives.

Once you hit your 20s and beyond, it’s almost a given that you’re facing at least a small caffeine addiction. It’s part of your daily routine – you wake up and make a cup, you make a second or third cup, then of course, you have to have an iced latte or coffee later on […]

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Woman reading a book on a bed while holding a mug - use alone to time to combat anxiety.

Whether due to the everyday hecticness of life, a random wave or the daily updates regarding the coronavirus, anxiety can be debilitating. Everyday anxiety can be caused by financial burdens, relationship problems, presentations or other common, fear-inducing occurrences. Anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is more constant and can cause individuals to shift their plans, […]

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Woman on a yoga mat taking a moment to herself - limit stress to boost your energy.

It can be easy to feel slumped and low-energy. Especially on those cloudy days, feeling energetic and motivated can seem like the biggest challenge. Feeling low-energy and drained can be a sign of severe exhaustion, both physical and mental. If you’re finding yourself in a slump and need a way to feel a bit more […]

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Strawberries, an antioxidant rich food, in a bowl on a wooden table surrounded by flowers.

You probably see the word “antioxidant” tossed around all your favorite food and beauty labels. It’s one of those words that make you feel like you’re going to become a whole new woman, complete with a better mood, better hair, and of course, better skin. An antioxidant is a substance that protects your body against […]

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The pool at Garden of Gods, a resort retreat in Colorado featuring a visiting deer.

Wellness retreats are popping up all over the country, and even the world. Getting away can be necessary, for many, to properly unplug and relax. Wellness retreats often include elements such as a digital detox, relaxing yoga or meditation sessions, unique spa experiences, and much more. Wellness is becoming more and more important in America, […]

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Colorful crystals, used for holisitc wellness, lay on a flat blue surface.

Holistic wellness is popping up everywhere, and it’s likely about to make its way into your skincare routine, too. The word “holistic” itself means looking at something or someone comprehensively to find a solution. When applied to the beauty world, holistic skincare is used to energize and connect your mind, body, and spirit. Holistic skincare […]

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Almond milk in a glass on a pink background with almonds scattered about.

There are so many milk alternatives now, it’s almost difficult to keep up with each one. Many people have recently chosen to eliminate cow’s milk from their diet, whether it’s for personal, ethical, health, or other concerns. The dairy industry is extremely dominant still in most popular grocery chains, so navigating the ins and outs […]

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Woman getting out of bed in the morning - learn ways to switch up your morning routine.

How you start your morning truly sets the tone for the entire day. If you aren’t pouring enough love and care into your morning routine, how do you think the rest of the day will go? Your morning should be a quiet, easy time for you to wake up, plan your day, and feel a […]

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Vitamin gummies on a pink background - start your day with a vitamin supplements.

How you choose to start your day sets the tone for the entire day. If you wake up and immerse yourself in negative, depressing social media posts, then you’ll likely feel sad and disheartened for the rest of the day. If you start your day off with a nice cup of coffee and watching some […]

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Minimalist bedroom - a bed, rug, lamp, and nightstand - learn how to declutter your space.

It’s pretty easy to shove things we don’t use away in the corner, under your bed, in a drawer, in the closet, or some other secret, shameful place. It can feel so wasteful to simply throw away something, so instead, we tend to cling to it. Unfortunately, this creates an ever growing mountain of “junk,” […]

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Selzter water in multiple jars sitting atop a blue table outdoors - try sparking water infused with hemp as alternative drink.

It’s that time again: Dry January. Dry January is removing alcohol from your diet all of January, limiting you to alcohol-free beverages. Many choose to follow a Dry January to cleanse their body, lose weight, change habits, and more. If you’re practicing a Dry January, it might be a good idea to find some non-alcoholic […]

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A colorful assortment of vegan food - start the year off by trying to follow a vegan diet.

January is the time for many resolutions, especially centering around food. As many people kick off their resolutions with diets, exercise, wellness, and more, the most popular resolution is clean eating. As Veganism rises in popularity, one of the latest food resolutions is Veganuary. Put simply, Veganuary is practicing veganism throughout the month of January, […]

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