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Italian flag on a pin on button, tomatoes, green leaves, and pasta.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions or general anxiety stemming from COVID-19 put a halt to a lot of travel plans. This could include your wedding, girls’ trip, graduation trip, or any other plans you had to travel. It is perfectly understandable to grieve the loss of these experiences, especially in a time of uncertainty. With a little […]

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The pool at Garden of Gods, a resort retreat in Colorado featuring a visiting deer.

Wellness retreats are popping up all over the country, and even the world. Getting away can be necessary, for many, to properly unplug and relax. Wellness retreats often include elements such as a digital detox, relaxing yoga or meditation sessions, unique spa experiences, and much more. Wellness is becoming more and more important in America, […]

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Breakfast outdoors on a wooden table, try out some of our selections for brunch in Key West.

If travel is on your 2020 bucket list, you more than likely have the Florida Keys somewhere on your list. With Key West being such a tourist hotspot, it can be a challenge to find the local, high-quality restaurants. Even further than that, you might be struggling to find an Instagram-worthy brunch spot, as most […]

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Woman laying in her hotel bed during a vacation, guided by good travel friendly beauty carry-on essentials.

As much as we love travel, we can probably all agree that packing is the most dreadful part of any vacation. And if you’re of the conflicting beliefs that one should never check their luggage, yet should also have a blouse, bag, and blush for every occasion, packing can be especially horrible. While we may […]

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Woman waiting in an airport for her flight.

As much as we love traveling, there’s simply no denying that it wreaks havoc on your skin (and your immune system, if we’re being honest). I for one can admit that I almost always emerge from flights feeling puffy, dehydrated, and with an extra passenger in tow – in the form of an angry red […]

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Traveling woman stopping on her jog to do a yoga pose.

Seeing the world is a wonderful, beautiful, unique experience. From trying new foods to sightseeing, traveling is an adventure meant to be enjoyed. Regardless of if you’re just visiting family across the country or taking a vacation across the world, it’s vital to take care of your mind, body, and soul throughout the entire experience. […]

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Woman exercising at the gym of a hotel.

If you’re like us, the experiencing of bringing your sneakers and active wear on trips, only to leave them untouched in your suitcase is all too familiar. Getting into the groove of a consistent workout routine is difficult enough as is, throw in a disorienting travel plan into the routine and it all tends to […]

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Couple enjoying their time in a spa pool with underwater purple lights.

No matter your age or time spent together, most couples can agree that sometimes the most romantic thing you can do together is absolutely nothing. Time spent away from the home and office, and away from everyday stressors (we’re looking at you, smartphones) is time spent reconnecting with your significant other, and rediscovering your center […]

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