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Couple enjoying their time in a spa pool with underwater purple lights.

No matter your age or time spent together, most couples can agree that sometimes the most romantic thing you can do together is absolutely nothing. Time spent away from the home and office, and away from everyday stressors (we’re looking at you, smartphones) is time spent reconnecting with your significant other, and rediscovering your center […]

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Self Care with Your Partner

As I sit down and write this, my partner is mere feet away, poking and prodding the keyboard of his homemade PC – “like only a true gamer would” – and I know without question that this is his self care time. The obscenely large noise canceling headphones hugging his ears block out the outside […]

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You have the dress, the floral arrangements have been finalized, and the first dance has been choreographed to perfection. If you’re a bride-to-be, every little detail has mattered for as long as you can remember now. For this final week, this is the time to focus on you. Taking care of your skin is a […]

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Essential Oil Love

In the wellness world, there seems to be an essential oil for everything. Feeling down? Try Sweet Orange Oil. Feeling sick? Go for Eucalyptus. Need some sleep? Look for Lavender. You get the gist. And when it comes to romance, we weren’t surprised to learn that there are essential oils for that too. Whether you’re […]

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