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Healthy skin through clean beauty, diet and lifestyle choices. Beauty goes beyond your skincare routine. It’s about the Mind, Body & Clean Beauty®. Read about beauty trends, clean eating, healthy recipes, wellness and more in the Intoxicating Lifestyle® Magazine.

Woman wiping makeup off her face using a wipe.

Picture it: a long day (or night) out, barely making it through the front door you’re so exhausted, and forcing yourself to brush your teeth before hitting the sheets. That seems like the minimum effort, right? It can feel like a lot, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. Removing the sweat, grime, makeup, and any other […]

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Woman with large hat and sunglasses sitting at a table outside.

Despite rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, many states are reopening their restaurants and businesses. If you and/or your family decide to go to a restaurant in the coming weeks, safety is crucial. While you should always be respectful and kind to your servers, restaurant etiquette is more important now more than ever. While takeout and […]

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Woman meditating on stone wall fence with bride and city in the background.

This previous week has heavily rested in the hearts of Americans. Following the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, protests ignited in all 50 states to promote change and demand justice. The Black Lives Matter movement has gone beyond physical protests, though. Activism now exists in a time of social media, meaning allies across the […]

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Woman meditating to herself, a method of practicing gratitude.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is a great habit to begin. Being grateful consistently throughout the day can help overcome the toxic factors of day to day life. When practicing gratitude, you begin to feel happier and stronger, protecting yourself against negative emotions. When you practice gratitude, you begin appreciating the little things more […]

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Room design with neutral colors and plenty of green plants.

It’s 2019, and at this point you ought to be aware of global warming as a harsh and irrefutable reality. And it’s no wonder too, because let’s be real, we put the planet through a lot. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because thankfully there are literally hundreds of ways we can minimize our […]

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Recyclable material in a circle around recycle sign on top of a pink background.

We all know the three R’s–reduce, reuse, recycle. But when it comes to skin, reducing the amount of products used can be hard for beauty lovers; so let’s focus on reusing and recycling them. Reusing and repurposing products and containers is easy. A facial moisturizer whose effects have dimmed out can be layered on as […]

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Runway Fashion

As daunting as fundraising may seem, we can surely all agree that are few things more gratifying than raising money for a cause you love and support. Contrary to popular belief, fundraising doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean bopping from door to door or awkwardly asking your friends and family members for money. […]

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