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Wine Christmas Gift

If you’re a wine lover, chances are you’ve received more than your fair share of glass charms and over-the-top aerators over the years. This holiday season, throw your fellow wine enthusiasts a curve ball by surprising them with a luxurious wine-related gift they’ll actually want to use. Here are our favorites. Soapstone Bottle Cooler – […]

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Holiday Woman Drinking Wine

As the temperature drops low and the Yule logs glow it’s time to start thinking about what to drink for the most festive meal of the year.  That’s right, it’s Christmas time!  Whether you’re gathering around the tree with the family, or the fireplace with friends there is a perfect bottle for the occasion.  And […]

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Photo by: Tom Wang/Shutterstock

While we may be partial to a great bottle of wine, many of us here at IB do dabble in beer from time to time. Beer is our laid-back luxury treat. We love all of the different flavors and aromas we get when try some of our different craft brews. Plus, beer pairings can be […]

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beautiful woman with christmas tree

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and you might be thinking, “How am I going to get this all done?!” Entertaining and cooking for family and friends can be a bit overwhelming. But, don’t let the worries of which wine to serve add to stress. In fact, make it the fun part of the meal! A good […]

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Women at Happy Hour

If there’s one thing we love at IB, it’s a Happy Hour. Cocktails are one of our favorite ways to unwind after a trying workday. And, when there’s a discount, they truly can’t get much better. Since today is National Happy Hour Day and Happy Hours have become a fixture in our cultural fabric, we […]

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Skin Foods

At Intoxicating Beauty, we preach the benefits of various beverages on skin, but today we’re talking all about foods. Skin foods, to be exact. We all know our daily skincare regimen plays a huge role in how our skin looks, feels and ages over time.  But, what we eat (and drink) can have even a […]

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Merlot Recipes

We love this time of the year. Sweater weather. Fall foliage. The holidays. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And, International Merlot Day! Red wine lovers, this one is for you!  You know we’re always looking for reasons to add our favorite red wine to anything, so we have been thoroughly enjoying testing these wines infused recipes in […]

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Woman drinking organic wine

We’ve dished about the importance of going organic with your food and your beauty cabinet – so why not your happy hour? More than a fad, organic and all natural wines are actually the more environmentally and health conscious choice, which is why more and more bars and restaurants are including them on their menus. […]

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Sake Bottles in a Line

Unless you’re a connoisseur of international beverages, Sake can be a little bit of a mystery. What is it exactly? How’s it made? What does it taste like? Do you drink it hot or cold? What kinds are there? Before the anxiety of what to order at your next sushi dinner gets to you, let […]

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Sweet Hops Signature Cocktail

Indulge in our Sweet Hops Signature Cocktail that features Belgian Beer with a kick of Tequila. If you like Margaritas, you’re going to love this drink! The cocktail contains an Elderflower Liqueur, which adds a touch of sweetness that’s utterly intoxicating. The cocktail also combines a citrus essence of orange and lime that creates a […]

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Tea Cocktail

Ever want to reap the health benefits of your favorite teas, but blow off a little bit of steam at the same time? Enter the Tea-tail (aka Tea Cocktails). Look no further than the quenching, tea-infused cocktails to bring a little bit of zest into your cozy night in, or make you the talk of […]

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Cranberry juice, tonic water, red bull, ginger beer, and skincare – what do these have in common? They pair perfectly with vodka. You read that correctly, vodka infused skincare is the ultimate beauty cocktail. Our latest skincare line Beautitini, is backed by a heap of skin loving ingredients, the unlikely star being vodka made from […]

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Edible Flowers

While we love them for the vibrant colors and freshness they bring to a space, there are some varieties of flowers that pack a host of healing benefits. Whether you use them as a focal point of your meal, or as a little garnish in your breakfast chia pudding for a self-love treat, edible flowers […]

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Rows of Sake Bottles

Chances are you’ve tried Sake at one point or another, a staple at most Japanese restaurants. The Japanese rice wine is made from fermenting polished rice to remove the bran and is brewed in a process not dissimilar to that of beer. No matter how familiar you are with Sake, we’d be willing to wager […]

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Cherry Merlot Winesicles

Whether you’re chasing your kids down with sunscreen, camped out in a beach side cabana, or hanging out poolside with your significant other and friends, these occasional sweet treats will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed all summer long. Cherry Merlot Winesicles It doesn’t get much better than this adult-take on a childhood summer classic. […]

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