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Healthy skin through clean beauty, diet and lifestyle choices. Beauty goes beyond your skincare routine. It’s about the Mind, Body & Clean Beauty®. Read about beauty trends, clean eating, healthy recipes, wellness and more in the Intoxicating Lifestyle® Magazine.

Green smoothie in a measuring cup

As the weather gradually gets warmer and warmer, cooling off is more important than ever. A refreshing, cooling treat is something everyone can look forward to during summertime. Sometimes, though, these treats can be full of unhealthy ingredients that make us feel even more run down. One treat, though, can give your body amazing benefits […]

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Woman with large hat and sunglasses sitting at a table outside.

Despite rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, many states are reopening their restaurants and businesses. If you and/or your family decide to go to a restaurant in the coming weeks, safety is crucial. While you should always be respectful and kind to your servers, restaurant etiquette is more important now more than ever. While takeout and […]

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Home made vegan chocolate banana ice cream served in a small bowl with sliced bananas in the background.

The heat of summer is beyond intense, and sometimes, even that chilling AC doesn’t provide the relief we need. In comes sweet, frozen treats, cooling you off after a long day outside. These sweet treats can range anywhere from mixed drinks, popsicles, and ice cream. Unfortunately, many of these delights are packed with unnatural sugars […]

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Woman in blue sweater holding a cup of coffee - add adaptogens to your morning joe for a change in flavor..

While curbside and takeout coffee orders can hold you over for now, it can be hard missing out on going to your favorite coffee shops. At-home coffee is just missing that special touch. You tend to fall into the same routine, brewing and sipping the same old drink all week long. If you’re getting a […]

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Cookie dough and chocolate chips in a bowl on a cutting board. Try our vegan cookie dough recipe!

Midnight snacking can get the best of us, especially when sweets are involved. Cookie dough is one of those sweets that can sneak its way into just about anything. You can eat it raw, add it to milkshakes or ice cream, or actually bake it. Unfortunately, on top of eating raw eggs, all of that […]

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Woman holding her head while sitting on a chair - learn about what foods to eat to help prevent grey hairs.

Gray hair is just one of those natural parts of life. Some of us are lucky enough to not see gray hairs for a few decades, while others start seeing a few appear much earlier. Gray hair is completely normal, and many people choose to rock it. Whether you’re social distancing and unable to visit […]

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A modernized white kitchen with a black stove center piece - look to add our top essential items to your kitchen.

As we shift our daily routines to practice social distancing, our kitchen becomes our new best friend. Whether you’re in and out for snacks (or that third cup of coffee) or just ready to prep dinner, it helps to have all the essentials. Things you might not have even factored into your daily routine are […]

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Holding a pink mug with tea in it - learn about our caffeine alternatives.

Once you hit your 20s and beyond, it’s almost a given that you’re facing at least a small caffeine addiction. It’s part of your daily routine – you wake up and make a cup, you make a second or third cup, then of course, you have to have an iced latte or coffee later on […]

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Strawberries, an antioxidant rich food, in a bowl on a wooden table surrounded by flowers.

You probably see the word “antioxidant” tossed around all your favorite food and beauty labels. It’s one of those words that make you feel like you’re going to become a whole new woman, complete with a better mood, better hair, and of course, better skin. An antioxidant is a substance that protects your body against […]

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Almond milk in a glass on a pink background with almonds scattered about.

There are so many milk alternatives now, it’s almost difficult to keep up with each one. Many people have recently chosen to eliminate cow’s milk from their diet, whether it’s for personal, ethical, health, or other concerns. The dairy industry is extremely dominant still in most popular grocery chains, so navigating the ins and outs […]

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Salad in a bowl sitting on a table - customize your morning meal with a breakfast salad.

Whoever decided salads were only a thing of lunch and dinner is truly missing out right now. The world of breakfast foods never runs out of creative innovations, from superfood-powered smoothie bowls to rainbow bagels, loaded avocado toast, and so much more. When you wake up, you probably are looking for something fun to eat, […]

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Vitamin gummies on a pink background - start your day with a vitamin supplements.

How you choose to start your day sets the tone for the entire day. If you wake up and immerse yourself in negative, depressing social media posts, then you’ll likely feel sad and disheartened for the rest of the day. If you start your day off with a nice cup of coffee and watching some […]

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Breakfast outdoors on a wooden table, try out some of our selections for brunch in Key West.

If travel is on your 2020 bucket list, you more than likely have the Florida Keys somewhere on your list. With Key West being such a tourist hotspot, it can be a challenge to find the local, high-quality restaurants. Even further than that, you might be struggling to find an Instagram-worthy brunch spot, as most […]

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Selzter water in multiple jars sitting atop a blue table outdoors - try sparking water infused with hemp as alternative drink.

It’s that time again: Dry January. Dry January is removing alcohol from your diet all of January, limiting you to alcohol-free beverages. Many choose to follow a Dry January to cleanse their body, lose weight, change habits, and more. If you’re practicing a Dry January, it might be a good idea to find some non-alcoholic […]

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A colorful assortment of vegan food - start the year off by trying to follow a vegan diet.

January is the time for many resolutions, especially centering around food. As many people kick off their resolutions with diets, exercise, wellness, and more, the most popular resolution is clean eating. As Veganism rises in popularity, one of the latest food resolutions is Veganuary. Put simply, Veganuary is practicing veganism throughout the month of January, […]

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