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Woman applying hot pink lipstick to her lips - check out 7 of our makeup trends in 2020.

Whether you’re getting dolled up for the grocery store or your next Zoom meeting, makeup trends still apply. Following your normal routine is crucial for your mental health, and for many, this can include following a normal makeup routine. In the same light, trying something new in your makeup routine can give you something to […]

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Woman poses next to a large wall of windows ina polka dot dress - be sure to wear sunscreen even when indoors.

Working from home and staying home looks different for everyone. For some, daily walks/runs are essential to staying busy, while others are behind a screen all day. No matter your daily routine in quarantine, sunscreen should still be a regular part of your beauty routine. As you sit near your windows or go outside, you […]

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Woman with pink nails moisturizing her skin. Learn how to keep your skin hydrated during lockdown.

Between frequently washing our hands and wearing masks for essential activities, our skin has seen better days. Add stress to the mix and you likely have very dry, dehydrated skin. Not only is dry skin extremely itchy and uncomfortable, but it can lead to other skin concerns, such as blemishes, too. Keeping your skin well-hydrated […]

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Woman in bed resting on her side - learn ways to get better beauty sleep during quarantine.

Getting your beauty sleep is the key to having a good day. Better sleep means a better mood, a better appetite, better skin, and better energy. As everyone continues to stay home and practice social distancing, where applicable, getting proper beauty sleep can be more challenging than you might think. Initially, it would make sense […]

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Woman in her pajamas combing through her hair at home. Change the way you style your hair during quarantine.

It’s easy to start feeling bored while staying at home, and this can lead to some drastic decisions. The most frequent victim of boredom is your hair. Dyeing it, trimming it, fully cutting it, and of course, giving yourself bangs. These decisions are often made out of impulse, and the feeling of excitement can quickly […]

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Woman giving herself a manicure while in a bath robe - try these different nail styles while stuck at home.

If you have some down time at home, you’re likely stalking all of the latest beauty trends and figuring out what you can change up a bit. Before you grab the scissors and hair dye, consider some beauty trends that are a bit more temporary. One of the best ways to experiment with beauty, right […]

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Woman holding her head while sitting on a chair - learn about what foods to eat to help prevent grey hairs.

Gray hair is just one of those natural parts of life. Some of us are lucky enough to not see gray hairs for a few decades, while others start seeing a few appear much earlier. Gray hair is completely normal, and many people choose to rock it. Whether you’re social distancing and unable to visit […]

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Woman in a bathtub rubbing soap on her skin - take advantage of quarantine time to keep up with your skin wellness.

Have you, like many of us, been working on your “quarantine glow up” the last few weeks? With so much time at home, this is the perfect time to finally dive into a full-body routine, pampering yourself head to toe. With those spare hours, indulge in your self-care routine, spending a little more time giving […]

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Woman holding a batch of mushrooms - there are several beauty benefits to adding mushrooms in your diet.

Mushrooms are one of those “love them or hate them” foods. Delicious with burgers, pasta, salads, and so much more, mushrooms are just so unique. Whether you love or hate the taste of mushrooms, you’re in for a treat. Yes, you read that right! You’re going to fall in love with mushrooms one way or […]

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Woman massaging lotion into her hand on a pink background with white flowers.

The weather is changing, so your skincare routine should, too. As spring rolls in, it’s time to focus on brightening, hydrating, and evening the skin more than ever. Several concepts are exploding in the beauty realm currently, and they’re ready to work wonders for your skin. With these four skincare trends by your side, your […]

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Salad in a bowl sitting on a table - customize your morning meal with a breakfast salad.

Whoever decided salads were only a thing of lunch and dinner is truly missing out right now. The world of breakfast foods never runs out of creative innovations, from superfood-powered smoothie bowls to rainbow bagels, loaded avocado toast, and so much more. When you wake up, you probably are looking for something fun to eat, […]

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A couple during a bubble bath for two while enjoying a glass of champagne.

With the weather getting colder and colder, all you probably want to do is snuggle up inside with a warm drink and loads of blankets. The next best thing, though, is getting cozy in a luxurious bath for two (or just an extra indulgence for one). Enjoying time with one another under a sheet of […]

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Intoxicating Beauty Beautitini Salt Emollient Twist, an alcohol-infused beauty product, being held into photo frame by a hand.

Dry January is the perfect time to hit the reset button. Maybe you’re doing it to change your lifestyle habits, or maybe you just are looking to start the year with a cleanse. Cutting out alcohol can be a big change for some, and this month can be challenging when seeking alternative drinks and treats. […]

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Makeup kit scattered across a pink background - pink is expeted to be a trending makeup color in 2020.

From the over-plucked eyebrows of the 90s to the creative Instagram makeup of today, it’s no secret makeup has dramatically changed throughout the years. We’ve seen all colors, shades and styles have their moment in the spotlight, with each year bringing more and more artistic creativity and innovation. As we begin the new year, be […]

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Women wearing winter clothing while wearing winter makeup.

As glamorous as winter can be, we can all agree it can also be pretty dang dull. The sky is gray, the trees are bare, and the world is quiet. While the world begins becoming a tad more dull, so does our skin. We lose the natural glow, kissed cheeks, and warmth the sun provided, […]

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