What is Beer Yoga and Why You Should Try It

Bear Yoga Stretch

While it may sound like a poor joke or an ill-advised dare at first, we’re here to confirm that Beer Yoga is actually a thing. A thing that involves a yoga practice in a brewery or taproom, often while sipping on beer or even using it as a tool during the yoga practice, with each practice followed by (you guessed it) a beer tasting. Said to have started in Germany where it was coined “BierYoga,” Beer Yoga has made its way across the globe and into the lifestyles of seasoned yogis and beer connoisseurs alike and has been hailed as a stress reliever and as a great way to improve your balance, flexibility, and your likelihood of having a good time, of course.

Beer Yoga
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It Helps Relieve Tension During Your Practice

Whether you’re a yoga expert or you’re nursing a budding interest, there’s bound to be a yoga pose that prompts you to strain a little, or to the point of shaking like a newborn deer. The stiffer you become, however, the more your body begins to strain itself and suddenly all you can focus on is keeping your body from collapsing instead of quieting your mind and finding your zen. That’s where the beer comes in. Sipping on a pint throughout your practice is going to warm your body, loosen your muscles, and help relieve tension in your body so you can flow through your postures stress and strain-free.

Flexible Beer Yoga
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It Helps You Maintain Your Balance

While every beer yoga class is different, many beer yoga practitioners will integrate a glass of brew into their practice to enhance their balance while working through a potentially off putting posture. Can’t seem to hold your tree pose? Try holding a full glass of beer over your center. Suddenly the desire to keep the glass steady (and full) becomes more apparent then your lean off center. Pretty neat huh?

Beer Yoga Wellness
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It Promotes Overall Wellness (When Consumed in Moderation)

You may already know that beer is high in antioxidants, and carries its fair share of vitamin B, calcium, phosphates, and fiber – which makes us feel even better about a Beer Yoga practice. In fact, the soluble fibers in beer have been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels and improve digestion. Fun fact: regular yoga practice has been shown to help improve digestion too, so it stands to reason that combining the two would help keep things regular in your gut. Especially during twisting, body-bending poses like Bharadvaja’s Twist or a Revolved Triangle pose.

If one thing is clear about Beer Yoga, it’s that one needn’t be a pro to reap the benefits of a beer-centric practice. Whether the drink is quieting your in-class jitters, enhancing your bend, or engaging your muscles – we have a feeling you’ll be drinking the beer yoga kool-aid once you’ve tried it. Namaste!

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