Beauty Tips from Breast Cancer Survivors

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re sharing some helpful beauty tips from survivors whose lives and beauty routines were turned upside down once diagnosed. How did they overhaul their beauty regimens for the better? Read on to find out.

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Tune Out

While it may seem easier to give in to the stress and anxiety brought on by the treatment journey, one of the biggest pieces of advice hailed by nearly all breast cancer survivors is to de-stress in any way you can, as often as you can. And while it doesn’t quite sound like a beauty tip – it totally is. Stress is one of the main triggers for inflammation in the body, and one of the telltale ways your body reveals inflammation? In your skin – in the form of blemishes, redness, and the like.  So whether de-stressing means a daily walk, 30-minute meditation, reading a book, or venting to a support group, prioritize whatever helps you tune out and clear your head.

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Focus on the Brows

As if drawing brows on where there were none isn’t tricky enough, breast cancer survivors seem to unanimously highlight the importance of getting the color just right to create the most natural-looking brow. To do it, opt for a color that’s a shade darker than your hair or wig.

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Brighten your Under eyes

A brightening under eye concealer is a surefire way to bring some energy back to your complexion, cover up discoloration, and ultimately help you feel like you again, according to survivors. Opt for a formula with light reflective qualities to really turn up the glow.

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Don’t Neglect Your Nails

On top of drying your skin out, chemotherapy can do a number on your nails. The damage (dry, peeling, cracking, and brittle nails), can take months to reveal itself too, so survivors say to jump the gun on nourishing your nails by applying nail/cuticle oil daily. Avoid trimming your cuticles to keep from injuring yourself and risk causing infection.

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Go Mild & Unscented

It’s been shown that your sense of smell changes while going through chemotherapy. To make sure that none of your favorite scents lose their luster and that you don’t risk becoming irritated by certain fragrances, opt for unscented formulas of your day-to-day product. Be sure that you’re opting for creamy, gentle formulas that are devoid of harsh soaps that can exacerbate dryness experienced throughout chemotherapy.  

Let’s help breast cancer survivors and ban together to kick breast cancer!  Have more beauty tips to share? Leave them on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to help out other women who may be beginning or in the midst of their breast cancer journeys.

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