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There’s nothing quite like a change of season to inspire a beauty shake up. And now that the sun is shining and the air is warming up, we can emerge from our cold induced hibernation and really have some fun with our beauty routines.  Here’s how we’re transitioning our makeup bags into spring.

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We love cream products in the spring in summer for a host of reasons. 1. They’re more natural, and seamlessly blend into the skin instead of sitting on top of it like most powders. 2. They’re versatile and low maintenance: swipe cream products on your eyes, lips, and chuck it in your bag for touch ups later. 3. There’s just something about cream products in the spring/summer heat. Cream products are one of the few makeup products that actually look better the longer they’re on your skin – and coupled with the humid heat, your skin will have a radiant and dewy glow.

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 For all of the wonderful things warm spring/summer air can do for your makeup as far as your complexion is concerned, fate would have it that it would yield the opposite effect on your eyes. No one wants raccoon eyes at the end of the day, after all, which is why we swap our regular mascaras for their waterproof formulations in the spring and summer. Waterproof mascaras tend to better maintain a curl, stand up to spring showers, and stay intact after long nights of gabbing with friends over a glass of wine.

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 Given the warmer temperatures in the spring and summer months, your skin is less likely to be as desperate for the same levels of extreme hydration it required in the fall and winter. Which is why we opt for lighter layers of hydration as the heat picks up. Instead of using our creamier, more nourishing makeup primers, we’ll use a light face mist to prep and prime the skin for makeup application. If skin is still lacking moisture by the time you’re done with makeup, hit it with another couple (of hundred) spritzes to set the makeup in place and refresh the skin. You see? Layers.

What did we learn? That texture is the name of the game when it comes to preparing your makeup bag for the warmer months. The lighter the consistency, the more you can build it up in favor of a natural, glowy looking complexion. Except the mascara, however, you’re going to want to bring in the big guns for that one. What are your spring makeup must-haves? Please let us know on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages!

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