Beat the Mink With Some of Our Favorite Vegan Makeup Brushes

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If you’re like me–cheery, doe-eyed, with lots of hope for the world–you didn’t know all makeup brushes on the market were not already vegan. Today, sustainability and animal cruelty are hot topics–as they’re both pretty important. Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that the beauty community has completely shifted for the better. While for the most part it has, many makeup brushes are still composed of mink and other animal products and byproducts…yikes! So, if you’re not like me and knew this already, maybe you’re looking for replacements or upgrades–and we have the list for you! Keep reading to find your perfect vegan-friendly application companion.

Synthetic, mink-free brushes are great for many reasons. They are better for the environment and for your body, they do not further any animal cruelty, and they can harbor much less bacteria than brushes made with animal fur. (TL;DR: less brush cleaning for the lazy folks like me out there!) Here’s a breakdown of Intoxicating Beauty’s top vegan brushes.

Ere Perez Cosmetics Brushes

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Innovative, clean, and boldly representing the land down under, Ere Perez is an Aussie pioneer changing the beauty industry. Their site is not only fully stocked with innovative, clean makeup, but also with almost every beauty tool that you could dream up. Their “Eco Vegan” line of beauty tools is not only free of mink and cruelty, but also sports eco-friendly and biodegradable handles and casings of corn resin. Try the eyelash curler, multipurpose application brush, and the eco sharpener to amp up your makeup routine. And, I personally love the multipurpose brush to apply SPF as well–really living up to that name! *Also available at Follain US.

IT Cosmetics

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Known for having some of the best, award-winning brushes in the game, these brushes are completely vegan! Free of all animal products, IT Cosmetics brushes provide substitute without sacrifice–with dense bristles and a controllable handle, you’ll get the perfect coverage each time with none of the guilt. Besides, well, all of their brushes, I’d highly recommend their complexion tools and blush brush! Find IT Cosmetics in Ulta or

Morphe Brushes

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Though Morphe makes both synthetic and fur brushes, their synthetic brushes are a glam-slam for eye looks, concealer and contour, and anyone looking for a very wallet-friendly companion. Morphe is careful to distinguish their synthetic from their others, and price is not typically affected–nor is quality. Morphe can be found on, Morphe stores, and Ulta!

No matter your preference or your reasoning, we hope you find your new best brush and beat the mink by choosing synthetic. Hope you enjoyed our top picks, and we hope they work just as well for you!

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