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Blonde woman licking ice cream from a cone.

Is Dairy Ruining Your Skin?

You’ve heard the old saying, “We are what we eat.” Healthy, glowing skin goes far beyond your skincare routine. What we eat can have a huge impact on your skin, including your morning latte or cappuccino steamed with milk and

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Applying a moisturizer to the face.

3 Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

In terms of natural beauty products, shea butter is at the top of the list. Shea butter combined with other natural ingredients provide excellent hydration and moisture, and have a variety of other health benefits as well. Here are some

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Closeup of lips - woman wearing turtleneck sweater and glasses.

Caring for Your Dry Winter Lips

During the colder months, it can sometimes be extremely challenging to keep your skin healthy, but this is even more true of the sensitive skin on your lips. Companies have poured millions into the industry of fast lip care, but

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Plant based foods to snack on.

How to Age Gracefully

Although aging can be frustrating due to our bodies naturally slowing down over time, anyone who is old enough to have greying hairs should consider themselves lucky. Thanks to scientific advancements, humans are pushing biology further and we are learning

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