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Coconut water in a glass next to a coconut split in half.

Skincare & Hair Care Benefits of Coconut Water

It’s no secret coconut is one of the most popular for skincare. Coconut is commonly seen in hydrating products, specifically mists and face masks. Some brands, such as Kopari, have even centered their entire brand around coconut-based products. Coconut is

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Bakuchiol skin care cream with raw seeds on pink background.

What is Bakuchiol, Natural Retinol? Why use it?

Despite Bakuchiol’s increase in skincare products, many consumers still don’t know exactly what it is, or how to say it. Pronounced “buh-koo-chee-all” or “back-uh-heel,” this skincare ingredient is known as nature’s retinol.  Bakuchiol has been making its way toward mainstream

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Woman sitting in the grass listening to music while smiling.

The World of Luxury CBD

Wellness trends are constantly evolving, from collagen shots to mushroom hot chocolate, but CBD has recently become America’s latest love. Hemp is legal in all 50 states, but the legality of CBD can vary. In an attempt to destigmatize CBD,

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Woman with luxurious blonde hair smiling.

Eating for Healthy Hair

It’s no secret the food you eat has a great impact on your whole body. Certain foods are great for your skin, some are great for weight loss, but today, we’re providing some tips for which foods will give you

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Picture of hands with moisturizer in a heart shape.

A Guide to Your Morning Skincare

Starting your day off right can truly make a difference in how you feel. Taking care of your skin every morning will not only give you long-term positive results, but it will also give you optimal makeup application. Properly applying

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Products for the Perfect Dewy Skin

We’re all searching for that perfect, lit-from-within glow to really make our selfies pop. Achieving this dewy skin can be a bit frustrating, though. For oily skin, it can just look like a greasy mess. For dry skin, all glow

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Makeup Trends and Swaps for Summer

Just as your skincare should shift as the seasons change, your makeup should have its own seasonal spotlight, too. Different looks and different products are the key to being on-trend the next few months. This summer, minimalism with a pop

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Kombucha 101

With endless flavor options and a variety of potential health benefits, it is no wonder kombucha (or kombucha tea) has become extremely popular recently. In fact, the kombucha market is estimated to reach $3.5 Billion by 2025. Whether you are

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Fashion Trends for a Sustainable Summer

Warm weather is rapidly approaching, and with it, bright summer fashion. From florals to gingham to polka dots, summer fashion holds endless possibilities to bring forth your playful side. The good news is, in 2019, you can be playful while

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Recipes for a Glowing Complexion

Taking care of yourself should be the most important parts of your day. The good news is there are countless ways to do this. The truth is, though, if you aren’t taking care of yourself from the inside first, nothing

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