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Couple embracing each other during valentine's day.

Valentine’s Day Gift-Guide: Buy or DIY

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to find a special gift for your special someone. The perfect gift, though, depends on the type of person receiving the gift. Are you shopping for yourself, a

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Breakfast outdoors on a wooden table, try out some of our selections for brunch in Key West.

The Best Key West Brunch Spots

If travel is on your 2020 bucket list, you more than likely have the Florida Keys somewhere on your list. With Key West being such a tourist hotspot, it can be a challenge to find the local, high-quality restaurants. Even

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Selzter water in multiple jars sitting atop a blue table outdoors - try sparking water infused with hemp as alternative drink.

Alternative Drinks for Your Dry January

It’s that time again: Dry January. Dry January is removing alcohol from your diet all of January, limiting you to alcohol-free beverages. Many choose to follow a Dry January to cleanse their body, lose weight, change habits, and more. If

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Makeup kit scattered across a pink background - pink is expeted to be a trending makeup color in 2020.

The Makeup Trends to Expect in 2020

From the over-plucked eyebrows of the 90s to the creative Instagram makeup of today, it’s no secret makeup has dramatically changed throughout the years. We’ve seen all colors, shades and styles have their moment in the spotlight, with each year

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Woman meditating to herself, a method of practicing gratitude.

How to Practice Gratitude Every Day

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is a great habit to begin. Being grateful consistently throughout the day can help overcome the toxic factors of day to day life. When practicing gratitude, you begin to feel happier and stronger, protecting

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Woman doing yoga to practice mindfulness, one of 2020's wellness trends.

4 Wellness Trends and Practices for 2020

With self-care being one of the biggest trends throughout 2019, 2020 is going to be all about wellness and mindfulness. Wellness trends come and go, so in 2020, strive to turn all wellness trends into consistent, regular practices. As you

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Clothing laid out across bedding, winter wardrobe.

Staple Pieces for Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter fashion is always one of the biggest highlights of the season. If you’re living up North where single digit degrees is a normal occurrence, you likely already have your favorite sweaters lined up and ready to go from last

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The Many Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is popping up everywhere in our lives, whether it be the tea itself, its caffeine in our drinks, or green tea skincare products. We know there are many benefits of green tea, but there are a few hidden

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Woman getting her beauty sleep in bed while in pajamas.

Ways to Get Better Beauty Sleep

We throw around the phrase “beauty sleep” pretty often, but how each person defines beauty sleep can vary. For some, beauty sleep is just a few hours, but for others, they need the recommended eight hours or more. For those

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