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Woman reading a book on a bed while holding a mug - use alone to time to combat anxiety.

Tips and Tricks to Ease Anxiety

Whether due to the everyday hecticness of life, a random wave or the daily updates regarding the coronavirus, anxiety can be debilitating. Everyday anxiety can be caused by financial burdens, relationship problems, presentations or other common, fear-inducing occurrences. Anxiety disorder,

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Woman on a yoga mat taking a moment to herself - limit stress to boost your energy.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

It can be easy to feel slumped and low-energy. Especially on those cloudy days, feeling energetic and motivated can seem like the biggest challenge. Feeling low-energy and drained can be a sign of severe exhaustion, both physical and mental. If

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Woman holding a batch of mushrooms - there are several beauty benefits to adding mushrooms in your diet.

The Beauty Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of those “love them or hate them” foods. Delicious with burgers, pasta, salads, and so much more, mushrooms are just so unique. Whether you love or hate the taste of mushrooms, you’re in for a treat. Yes,

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Woman massaging lotion into her hand on a pink background with white flowers.

The 4 Biggest Skincare Trends This Spring

The weather is changing, so your skincare routine should, too. As spring rolls in, it’s time to focus on brightening, hydrating, and evening the skin more than ever. Several concepts are exploding in the beauty realm currently, and they’re ready

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Strawberries, an antioxidant rich food, in a bowl on a wooden table surrounded by flowers.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods for Glowing Skin

You probably see the word “antioxidant” tossed around all your favorite food and beauty labels. It’s one of those words that make you feel like you’re going to become a whole new woman, complete with a better mood, better hair,

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The pool at Garden of Gods, a resort retreat in Colorado featuring a visiting deer.

A Wellness Retreat for the Skin

Wellness retreats are popping up all over the country, and even the world. Getting away can be necessary, for many, to properly unplug and relax. Wellness retreats often include elements such as a digital detox, relaxing yoga or meditation sessions,

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Almond milk in a glass on a pink background with almonds scattered about.

A Guide to Milk Alternatives

There are so many milk alternatives now, it’s almost difficult to keep up with each one. Many people have recently chosen to eliminate cow’s milk from their diet, whether it’s for personal, ethical, health, or other concerns. The dairy industry

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