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Girl looking at herself in a car mirror.

The Importance of Daily Affirmations

When stress and anxieties begin overwhelming your mind, you can find yourself struggling to feel strong and at peace. These thoughts can lead to you feeling drained, depressed, and insecure. The way you regularly think directly impacts how you live

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Gift box with pink ribbon next to pink flowers - read along to learn about our recommendations for mother's day gifts.

Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

If you aren’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day with mom or that special woman who’s made a difference in your life this year, you might be feeling stumped on what you can do for her. If you’re building the ultimate

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Woman giving herself a manicure while in a bath robe - try these different nail styles while stuck at home.

Spring Nail Trends to Try at Home

If you have some down time at home, you’re likely stalking all of the latest beauty trends and figuring out what you can change up a bit. Before you grab the scissors and hair dye, consider some beauty trends that

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Cleaning tools on a pinkish background - go green with cleaning products; try using lemon, baking soda, and vinegar for example.

A Holistic Take on Spring Cleaning

As we all get a little more cozy at home, you start noticing the little things you haven’t seen before. The smudges on the window, the dust on the counter, and the unsettling buildup in your shower. If you’re feeling

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Woman holding her head while sitting on a chair - learn about what foods to eat to help prevent grey hairs.

Foods that Help Prevent Gray Hairs

Gray hair is just one of those natural parts of life. Some of us are lucky enough to not see gray hairs for a few decades, while others start seeing a few appear much earlier. Gray hair is completely normal,

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Woman doing core exercises at home while watching videos online.

4 Key Tips for Working Out from Home

Is hitting the gym part of your regular routine? If so, it’s okay to be feeling frustrated and confused right now. Having a core part of your routine disrupted can overwhelm you, but we’re here to help you bring a

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