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Green smoothie in a measuring cup

4 Green Smoothies for the Summer

As the weather gradually gets warmer and warmer, cooling off is more important than ever. A refreshing, cooling treat is something everyone can look forward to during summertime. Sometimes, though, these treats can be full of unhealthy ingredients that make

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Woman in a yoga pose at the comfort of her home.

How to Create a Yoga Retreat at Home

If you have been missing hitting your favorite yoga studios while in quarantine, you’ve likely adjusted to follow a mindful routine at home. Yoga is a great way to destress your mind and body, allowing yourself some intentional time to

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Natural vitamins and supplements in a wooden spoon on a pink background

The Supplements Your Body Is Missing Right Now

Practicing social distancing and staying at home more means a completely different daily routine and diet. You might be reaching more for comforting, canned, processed, or frozen foods rather than nutritious, hearty meals. This can, unfortunately, result in a lack

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LGBQT+ hair wrap wrapping around a womans blonde and rainbow colored hair.

5 LGBTQ+ Hair Stylists and Barbers to Follow

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is happening now, commemorating the 1969 Stonewall Riots and celebrating all in the community. This is a time to celebrate self-affirmation, identity, visibility, and equality. This is also a time to bring to light the many hardships

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Woman in the shower washing her hair and body - learn why you should take a shower daily.

Why You Still Should Shower Daily

Our daily routines, though becoming slightly more normal, are still difficult to get used to. For many, adjusting to this “new normal” is still incredibly difficult. Understandably, this begins to affect people’s hygiene routines. While for some this can mean

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Woman meditating on stone wall fence with bride and city in the background.

Wellness Resources for the Black Community

This previous week has heavily rested in the hearts of Americans. Following the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, protests ignited in all 50 states to promote change and demand justice. The Black Lives Matter movement has gone beyond physical

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Woman applying hot pink lipstick to her lips - check out 7 of our makeup trends in 2020.

7 Summer Makeup Trends to Watch

Whether you’re getting dolled up for the grocery store or your next Zoom meeting, makeup trends still apply. Following your normal routine is crucial for your mental health, and for many, this can include following a normal makeup routine. In

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