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Woman holding a washed orange over a large bowl of oranges and limes.

What to Know About Fruit Acids

Almost nothing is more exciting than getting a new skincare product. It promises so much, such as clear skin, reduced redness, even texture and more. The product offers a long list of benefits, complete with a long list of ingredients.

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Making a candle from home using old beauty product containers.

Ways to Upcycle Your Beauty Products

The beauty industry has been making incredible efforts to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Even so, there are still products in most beauty collections that can’t be properly recycled. A solution to this problem is learning unique, fun ways to

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Sweet Hops Body Butter on a bed of sunflowers - keep your skin moisturized with natural ingredients including hops. Learn how hops benefit beauty and wellness.

Beauty & Wellness Benefits of Hops

Your favorite drinks might have way more beauty benefits than you expected. Many alcoholic drinks go beyond the bar and have a rightful place in your beauty cabinet, too. Vodka is purifying and nourishing, but hops also provides an abundance

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Mint leaves can provide many benefits to the skin - read on to learn more.

The Beauty Benefits of Mint

Spring is one of the best times of year to enjoy mint. From St. Patrick’s Day to other spring favorites, mint is simply a staple. Whether you prefer mint-flavored sweets or simply adding mint as garnish to your favorite cocktail,

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Woman smiling and twirling outdoors.

20 Habits for a Glow Up in 2021

“New year, new me.” Whether you say it jokingly or seriously, we’ve all said it. New Year’s resolutions are set every year with the intentions of a new, better version of yourself. But studies show that around 80% of New

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Gingerbread cookies, decorated in pink frosting, on a pink plate.

Holiday Self-Care Tips

The holidays are a joyous, festive time, but they can come with a lot of stress, too. During the season of hosting and gifting, it’s important to remember to set aside time daily to care of yourself, even if just

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Nightstand next to bed with a lamp and plant.

Nightstand Wellness Essentials

The way you go to sleep and wake up can make or break your day. You need to have the perfect pillows, sheets, blankets, pajamas, and anything else in your bed that would give you the perfect night’s rest. What

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