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Woman with colorful pattern on face

Eczema 101

A hot (and slightly itchy) topic in the beauty industry, Eczema has been a persistent sore spot for over 30 million Americans. Our founder of Intoxicating Beauty, Teresa Norvell, is one of these sufferers and has suffered from Eczema off

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Woman drinking organic wine

What’s the Deal with Organic Wines?

We’ve dished about the importance of going organic with your food and your beauty cabinet – so why not your happy hour? More than a fad, organic and all natural wines are actually the more environmentally and health conscious choice,

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Beautiful woman covering breasts

Beauty Tips from Breast Cancer Survivors

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re sharing some helpful beauty tips from survivors whose lives and beauty routines were turned upside down once diagnosed. How did they overhaul their beauty regimens for the better? Read on to find

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Vodka Bottles in a Line

Reasons We Love Vodka Tea-Tails

Listen up Vodka lovers! Today is National Vodka Day, and here’s why we are celebrating!  Whether in our skincare products or in one of our go-to cocktails, Vodka will always be one of our favorite ingredients. Here’s an interesting fact

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Sake Bottles in a Line

Sake: A Beginners’ Guide

Unless you’re a connoisseur of international beverages, Sake can be a little bit of a mystery. What is it exactly? How’s it made? What does it taste like? Do you drink it hot or cold? What kinds are there? Before

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Woman Sipping Drink

Skincare Alcohol 101

At Intoxicating Beauty, we are pro-alcohol-in-skincare. Before you run for the hills, we’re not talking about the kind you think. We are a full-service beauty bar without the hangover. Alcohol ingredients like, ethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol denat, and

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Sweet Hops Signature Cocktail

Sweet Hops Signature Cocktail

Indulge in our Sweet Hops Signature Cocktail that features Belgian Beer with a kick of Tequila. If you like Margaritas, you’re going to love this drink! The cocktail contains an Elderflower Liqueur, which adds a touch of sweetness that’s utterly

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Assortment of Makeup Products

4 Makeup Swaps to Make for Fall

It’s no secret that as the seasons change, so does your skin. So, as the temperature starts to fall, and the humidity begins to fade during the autumn/winter months, we beauty obsessed folk will have a perfectly legitimate reason to

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Drinking Red Wine

Intoxicating Ingredients: Red Wine

Red wine: Will a glass a day really keep your skin concerns at bay? We have reasons to believe it will. Whether you’re looking to treat sun battered skin, purify packed pores, or get that well rested glow, our Vino

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Fall Skincare Remix

Aside from colorful foliage, the fall season brings a host of fickle conditions for our skin to consider. As the hot summer heat has taken a toll on our skin, we all had a particular skincare routine to help us

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Face Gym

Face Gyms: The Ultimate Beauty Workout

The latest beauty craze, FaceGym, is creating a crop of loyal followers who regularly schedule their “workouts” to maintain a taut, supple complexion. Offering a slew of facial massages designed to work out the muscles on your face (we have

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