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Bottle of skincare product by cotton pads on pink background.

Toner vs. Essence

The relaxation provided by an extensive skincare routine coupled with the lust for glass skin (thanks, K-beauty!) has placed a spotlight on toners and essence. While tonics and astringents have been present in Western beauty for over a century, actual

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Closeup of young woman with face serum dripper.

Makeup Application Serums

As the focus of power in the beauty community shifts between skincare and makeup, it can be hard to find a happy medium—and with so many new releases it can be hard to keep up. A quick search of Instagram’s

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Woman in bathroom extracting serum from bottle.

Hyaluronic Acid + Skincare

Whether you’re living @theestallion’s Hot Girl Summer or just surviving a regular hot summer–you know hydration is key. For your body there’s ice water, fruits and veggies, and lots of moisturizing SPF–but what about the face? It’s easy for the

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Best Natural Foundation

The Beauty of Natural Foundations

As society becomes more conscious of sustainability and eco-friendly clean beauty, the shift to natural skincare products is easier and much more common. More and more, we are thinking about what touches our skin and if it’s clean and non-toxic.

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Guilt-Free Green Cocktails

Luckily for wine lovers, doctors have proven time and time again that a glass of red wine a day provides a beneficial antioxidant boost. Regular, careful intake of dry red wine has real health benefits–people aren’t just making that up!

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Aromatic Shower

Aromatic Your Shower Like the Pros

Your essential oil diffusers might have just met their match with this purely botanical steam session. 99.999% of Instagram shower photos have those ambiguous grey-green plants in the composition somewhere. Something I’ve noticed about the trendsetters, the models, the beauty

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De-Stress Your Weekend Routine

For most of us, summer is just around the corner–and with the sweet release of summer sunshine, usually comes much more stress. To come down from the stress of your thesis or your 9 to 5, we’ve curated 5 easy

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Boost Lashes

So You Want to Boost Your Lashes

In a world of lashes and lovers, it can be hard to choose the perfect lash boost. From mascaras with magical claims to actual magnets, there’s a process for everyone…but there are some things you should know and consider before

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