At-Home Idea: Send a Loved One a Virtual Care Package

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In many cases, your office might still be only meeting via Zoom. Your classes might still be online. You Facetime your family members every so often, but you haven’t given them in a tight hug in months. No matter your situation currently, it’s more than likely that there’s a friend or loved one that you’ve been missing. Though COVID-19 has brought many closer, it has unfortunately caused a great deal of distance, too.

Even with physical distance, though, there are still ways to stay connected with others (beyond video chats). One unique way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them is by sending a virtual care package. Loneliness and poor mental health can affect your skin and overall physical health, too, so this easy, affordable act is a great way to show your care.

A virtual care package is much easier to put together than a physical one, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget during the pandemic. Delivered almost instantly, you can uniquely craft a care package for anyone based on their particular interests. Keep reading to learn all the thoughtful ways you can put together a virtual care package for a friend.

Pick a theme, and keep it lighthearted

With so much going on in the world, our phones are full of enough heaviness and darkness right now. From the news to social media, there’s almost no space that doesn’t make you feel weighed down by the troubles of the world. With this in mind, it’s important to make your care package follow a lighthearted theme. These themes could include beauty, love, strength, comedy, or anything else that will lift someone’s spirits. From here, you can officially assemble your care package.

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Pick a movie or tv show

One important note here is to have a general understanding of what streaming services your recipient has access. Once you know this, you can do some searching to find some movies and/or shows they would love to watch. It might be an old favorite that you’ve bonded over before, or something new you just know they’ll love. Try to pick one that’s an easy, lighthearted watch that they can enjoy while letting a face mask sit or while taking a bubble bath.

Make them a playlist, or send a podcast

When focusing on a movie, show, or book takes just too much concentration, some music or a podcast can do just the trick. Here, you have a lot of options. You can choose some upbeat anthems, some calming favorites, or even some classic instrumentals. Whatever you think your loved one could use the most, send them that. It’ll be especially thoughtful if you build the playlist yourself, handpicking each addition from the heart.

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Find a virtual art gallery

Looking at art can be an extremely soothing process, but like music, we can also connect with art in a personal way. Find an online art gallery that is filled with beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful pieces to share with your loved one. After some time, you can talk about your favorite pieces over text or a call.

Add a gift card with recommendations

If you are able to, a small gift card can go a long way. This could be for anything, such as their favorite coffee shop, a bookstore, or for some new beauty products. To take this addition to the next level, make a few suggestions as to what you think the recipient would love. For example, you could suggest your favorite body lotion that’s been a luxurious treat throughout these recent months.

Once you have built the perfect care package, simply assemble it via text or email, formatting it so that it’s easy to read. Include little details on why you picked what you did, hit send, and make someone’s day in no time!

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