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Best Adaptogens

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If you have even the slightest pulse on wellness community happenings, then you have definitely had a run in with adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural plants and herbs that have been reported to help boost your mood and elevate your body’s ability to manage and deal with stress. Two things pretty much everyone could use more of. You can find most adaptogens in powder form, making them easy additions to your morning smoothie, juice or homemade matcha (see: Moon Juice and Four Sigmatic for our favorites). And if a mix-in isn’t your game, you can always find them in capsule form for fuss-free on the go benefits.

While adaptogens do sound like plant based wonders, they have been known to cause side effects for some, so like you would with any supplement, we recommend talking them over with your physician before delving in head first.

Now let’s get on to our favorites:


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What many consider to be the “gateway” adaptogen, Ashwaganda is a must for anyone who deals with chronic stress or anxiety, which let’s face it is just about everyone. Ashwaganda root, or Indian Ginseng, has been shown to help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, stress related weight gain, and it’s even been said to help improve focus, memory and all around cognitive function. Sounds pretty good huh?

Cordyceps mushrooms are rich in good-for-you antioxidants and are known for their ability to keep you feeling and looking your best from the inside out. Cordyceps help reduce cortisol levels and regulate oxidative stress to help keep you feeling calm, clear, and focused. Popularly known for its anti aging benefits, Cordyceps boost antioxidants – a must have for youthful, glowing skin.


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Maca root is known for its immune boosting effects thanks to its high levels of antioxidants like vitamin C. While we love a good dose of vitamin C, we really love Maca for its energizing, mood boosting effects. Sub your usual morning latte with a Maca laced smoothie, and expect to feel positively awake and energized throughout the day – without the jitters! If you have any hormone imbalances or deficiencies, Maca is excellent for balancing your hormones and controlling your estrogen levels.


Amazing Adaptogens

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Another adaptogenic mushroom, Reishi is known to help reduce blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. The mushroom has also proved beneficial for alleviating stress, irritability, and fatigue – yes, yes, and yes please. And just like its mushroom sister, Cordyceps, Reishi boasts high antioxidant properties to give you bright, radiant skin.

Whether you’re mixing them into your morning smoothie or latte, or treating them like your morning vitamin, we have a feeling you’ll be drinking the adaptogen kool-aid after about 3-4 weeks. Have you tried Adaptogens before? Do you love any that aren’t shared here? Trying them for the first time? What do you think? We would love to hear about them! Please share them with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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