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The pool at Garden of Gods, a resort retreat in Colorado featuring a visiting deer.

Photo by Teresa Norvell

Wellness retreats are popping up all over the country, and even the world. Getting away can be necessary, for many, to properly unplug and relax. Wellness retreats often include elements such as a digital detox, relaxing yoga or meditation sessions, unique spa experiences, and much more. Wellness is becoming more and more important in America, moving from a trend to a lifestyle.

As we shift our focus to wellness, our skin becomes a big focus, too. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so it’s crucial we give it the love it deserves. Loving on our skin can come from diet, exercise, skincare products, makeup products, and much more. If you want to take a step further, though, consider these wellness retreats for the skin to transform the way you look at the world of wellness and skincare.

Once you’re ready to start this journey, your first stop should be the Garden of the Gods Resort & Club in Colorado.

Strata Integrated Wellness Spa, an orange colored room at the Garden of Gods resort in Colorado.
Photo by Teresa Norvell

Originally opened in 1950, this resort is the perfect spot for a wellness getaway. With beautiful views inside and out of the resort, you’ll probably never want to leave! At the very least, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed. The Strata Integrated Wellness Spa will give you a variety of treatments that can completely transform your skin. Beyond skincare, though, you also will be offered treatments addressing weight-loss, holistic wellness, and advanced technology treatments.

Enjoy facials that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but effective enough for people to ask you for your secret. The Biologique Recherche protocol takes away any factor, like steam or heat, that could irritate or inflame your skin. Instead, they use potent ingredients to ensure your skin is getting a high-quality treatment. These ingredients are used to exfoliate, extract, and purify your skin. This experience also offers lymphatic drainage thanks to the help of electric current stimulation, giving your face the ultimate clearing it needs.

Intoxicating Beauty water bottle on top of a Garden of Gods (a resort in Colorado) bath robe.
Photo by Teresa Norvell

The Chan’beauté facial uses tools made from sources such as cow horn and stainless steel to stimulate acupressure points. Many areas of the body correspond and connect, so by treating one tense area, you can relieve tension in another area of your body. This treatment can leave you feeling much more relaxed and at ease. If you still need a little bit more relaxation, head on over to the Pink Himalayan salt inhalation room to help calm your mind and ease allergies.

The skincare treatment doesn’t stop at the face, though. At Garden of the Gods, you can expect some amazing body treatments, too. Strata’s leg treatment kicks off with a gentle essential oil massage on your stomach, warm mask of algae body gel, then finished with an oxygenating cream.

Because skincare goes further than the products you put on your face, Garden of the Gods also offers exceptional food options to optimize your skin’s health. Majority of the menu will be made from organically and locally produced ingredients, complete with an abundance of superfoods to fill your plate. Beauty truly is from the inside out.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds with wellness and skincare, the Garden of the Gods is a fantastic place to start.

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