7 Summer Makeup Trends to Watch

Woman applying hot pink lipstick to her lips - check out 7 of our makeup trends in 2020.

Whether you’re getting dolled up for the grocery store or your next Zoom meeting, makeup trends still apply. Following your normal routine is crucial for your mental health, and for many, this can include following a normal makeup routine. In the same light, trying something new in your makeup routine can give you something to look forward to. Regardless of your summer plans, there are several fun makeup trends to try throughout the summer.

If you’re wanting to have some fun and keep up with the beauty trends this summer, keep reading to learn all the major makeup trends of Summer 2020.

Hot pink lips

Kiss the nude, dark lips goodbye, because this summer is all about Regina George-esque lips. Hot pink lips will be popping up everywhere this summer, adding some life and color back to your routine. Mirroring your favorite strawberry and watermelon-flavored treats, this sweet look will be the perfect statement piece all summer long. For a monochromatic look, pair it with some hot pink blush and/or eyeshadow to match.

Woman with red graphic eyeliner applied.
Photo by Alina Belych

Graphic eyeliner

If you’re adventurous and bold at heart, then this is the trend for you. Graphic eyeliner won’t just be making an appearance in high fashion this summer, but also with everyday looks. Thin, graphic lines take the place of the standard wing this summer. A simple but bold look, you can use a classic black liner or any fun color of your choice. With a look as fun as this one, you can leave the rest of your makeup sleek and minimal.

White eyeliner

If graphic eyeliner is too out of your comfort zone, then white eyeliner is the perfect baby step. A great way to refresh your look after a long night, white eyeliner instantly brightens your entire face. For a fun, unique look, replace your normal wing with white liner, or double them together. For something a bit more subtle, apply the white liner directly to your waterline, making your eyes seem bigger and more awake. Summer is all about looking and feeling refreshed, making white eyeliner a staple.

Woman with eyebrows brushed upwards creating a feathered effect.
Photo by Tata Mamai

Feathered brows

Thin, polished brows are not the look this summer. Instead, big, fluffy, feathered brows will be all over your Instagram feed. Put the tweezers away for a bit and let your brows have their chance to grow, giving them a bold moment. To achieve fluffy, feathered brows, simply shape your brows with eyebrow scissors rather than over-plucking them. Then, brush your brows upward to create a lifted, feathery effect. For added texture and definition, use plain, white bar soap to coat a spoolie, sealing your brows in place.

Pink blush

If you hit the beach and got a bit too flushed, no worries! Pink, flushed cheeks is the look for this summer. Generously apply a light pink blush to your cheeks, nose, eyes, and wherever else you’d like a pink flush. Pairing easily with most looks, this trend is perfect for all of summer. For a dewy, hydrated look, opt for a liquid or cream blush that can perfectly melt into your skin.

Closeup of woman with glowing dewy skin.
Photo by Shumskaya Tatiana

Fresh, dewy skin

No one wants to look cakey during the summertime. Too much foundation, concealer, and powder can lead to just that, though. This summer, focus more on your skincare routine, so that you can sport clear, dewy skin all summer long. When a blemish or redness appears, though, simply conceal it with a lightweight liquid or cream concealer, dabbing it in gently to melt into your skin. For an added glow, generously apply liquid or cream highlighter to the high points of your face, so no matter which way you’re looking, the sun will beautifully illuminate your face. Bonus of this trend? Your summer sweat is simply a natural glow.

Peachy eyeshadow

A timeless trend, you can never go wrong with peachy shades in the summertime. The perfect color for creating a monochromatic look, peachy shades just scream summer. You don’t have to be precise or detailed with your eyeshadow, either. Find a neutral, soft, peachy shade and apply it all over your lids for a quick, easy makeup look. Pair it with a peachy blush and lip gloss for a sweet, soft summertime glow.

No matter where you’ll be this summer, you can enjoy these easy, fun makeup trends. With a little bit of color and creativity, these trends are sure to provide endless looks.

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