6 Fall 2020 Makeup Trends to Watch

Woman with baby blue eye shadow.

Pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, Halloween movies, apple cider, and warm tones make up the perfect fall day. With this fall looking a bit different than those in the past, finding bits of normalcy and joy is crucial. Just because we’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean makeup trends won’t be circulating everywhere, from Instagram to the grocery store.

Keep reading to learn about the six makeup trends to watch, and try, this fall.

Blue Eyeshadow

This year has been far too long and exhausting to stick to a neutral color palette. When you’re staring at your coworkers during your Zoom meetings, aren’t you a bit bored? Add a bit of excitement with some blue eyeshadow, of any shade. For a soft, daytime look, consider a baby blue shade all over the lid. To make a bold statement, pair a deep, rich blue with some colorful eyeliner.

White Eyeliner

Looking a little tired after Netflix-binging? You might have heard that nude eyeliner helps you look more rested, but white eyeliner will *really* do the trick. Especially vibrant on camera, white eyeliner helps lift your entire look. White eyeliner is going to be everywhere this fall, making your eyes look bigger and brighter all season long.

Close up of an eye with black and orange eyeliner.
Photo by Taylor Heery

Orange Eyeliner

White eyeliner not adventurous enough for you? Dying for pumpkin spice to be on every menu around? Orange eyeliner is the fall trend for you. Unique without being too in-your-face, orange eyeliner is a fun way to add a bit of fall spirit to any look. Keep it minimal with an orange wing, or pair it with some bronzed eyeshadow for a complete look.

Orange Blush

Monochromatic looks have been everywhere this year, so while you’re perfecting your orange wing, reach for some orange blush, too. Adding a pop of color and lifting your cheeks, orange blush is the perfect way to create a flattering, monochromatic look. If orange is a bit too much for you, though, you can never go wrong with a sweet, peachy hue.

Several lipsticks sit upright on a table.
Photo by Alina Vilchenko

Nude Lips

Nude lips will never go out of style, especially with all of these colorful eye and cheek trends circulating. A nude lip pairs with any shade, any outfit, any time of day. You have the power to match the perfect nude shade to your skin tone, then pair it with any colorful look you create this fall.

Two-toned Eyeshadow

If you haven’t noticed, color is everything this fall. With so many great options, it can be hard to choose the right hue. Good news – you don’t have to choose. Two-toned eyeshadow is expected to be a huge trend this fall, so turn your face into the rainbow of your dreams. Pair similar hues or complete opposites for a unique, fun look. Go the extra step with some colorful eyeliner to truly experiment with this fall trend.

Fall 2020 might look a little different than most years, but these makeup trends bring a bit of color and excitement during these difficult times. Add a pop of color to your look and experiment with new styles, whether you’re hopping on a Zoom meeting or masking up for a trip to the grocery store.

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