6 Easy Ways to Unplug This Weekend

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You know those days when your shoulders are so crazy clenched you can barely move your neck? Or, when your blue screen induced migraine evolves into a daily occurrence? Or, maybe you feel a little carpal tunnel coming on from sending one too many emails from your office, your car, your couch – anywhere, let’s face it. The point is, we know the feeling. It’s called being worn out. While quitting your day job is irresponsible, and burying your phone in a ditch would be a waste of your monthly device fees – we’re here to tell you there are other more cost effective and constructive ways to unplug from the stressors of your everyday life.

Install a Meditation App

Seems counterintuitive since you’ll need your smartphone for this one, but trust that guided meditation apps like Headspace make carving out your time incredibly easy. The app breaks down meditation in easy to complete courses, or “packs” each with around

10 guided meditation sessions. Build your way up from the basics, or find a pack catered to your needs. There are packs that work on boosting your self esteem, quelling anxiety, promote patience and even ease restlessness. Mute notifications from your other apps and dive into headspace.

Go for a Walk

We’ll start things off with something completely free, some good ol’ vitamin D. Put on your favorite walking shoes, leave your phone at home and go for a leisurely stroll. The best part about this is it doesn’t have to be a long haul hike. Start with giving yourself 10 minutes on a Saturday morning before the rest of neighborhood wakes, and you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated by breakfast, no joke. Just remember to put on some sunscreen!

Put on Some Music

You never truly realize how much of a difference this makes until you’ve actually done it. Instead of watching Youtube videos or Instagram stories while you cook or get ready for the day, try tuning into your favorite Spotify playlist, or artist radio, and just let it go. We love listening to Chill Radio, 2Cellos and Poolside: Miami Chill music. Ditching your phone after you do this is made easier if you have a wireless Bluetooth speaker, which you can find plenty of on Amazon on the cheap. Before you know it, you’ll be belting out the chorus of your favorite feel good song.

Create Something

Whatever brings you joy. Do you love to paint? Are you a baker at heart? Have you always wanted to write poetry or stories? If there’s something that excites or interests you, let that something pull you in instead of the running notifications on your phone. Because there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a task and coming out the other end to something you created – so gratifying.

Playing Golf, Tennis or Another Sport

Playing sports, or learning how to play a sport, is one of the best ways to unplug, get a workout and stay in shape. Playing golf will give you 4 – 5 hours to enjoy the outdoors either alone, or with friends, while exercising. Or, you can grab a friend and hit the tennis courts for an hour or two. Tennis is a wonderful way to have fun and relax over the weekend. If you don’t know how to play golf or tennis, take lessons! It will take your mind off of your daily tasks, work blues and stressors. If golf or tennis isn’t the sport for you, try another sport such as rowing, swimming, running, or biking.

Get a Mani/Pedi

Leaving the most obvious for last, because we all love a good trip to the salon or spa to unwind, don’t we? Don’t be ashamed of taking this time to play with your new guided meditation app, get lost in a book, listen to music or strike up a conversation with your manicurist – whatever floats your boat and keeps your phone where it ought to be when you’re taking time off – In your pocket.

Instead of letting your work week subtly creep into your weekends and suck the peace and quiet out of your life, challenge yourself to try one of the above mentioned tips to unplug this weekend, or during the week after work. The take home lesson here is you must carve out time and space for yourself. Whether it’s a 10-minute guided meditation or a brisk morning walk, we know you’ll find a way to unplug this weekend. Cheers!

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