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Beach bag and accessories on the beach

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Summer is practically here and if you’re like us, you’re just about itching to get to the beach. Whether you’re a serial tanner (please do it safely), a salt water swimmer, or a sea side napper, preparation is key. Luckily for you, we’ve curated the perfect beach bag to carry you through your sun and salt filled adventures.

Good SPF 

Starting things off with a no-brainer. If you aren’t wearing sunscreen at the beach – you really should be daily – you should 1. See your dermatologist and 2. Find a sunscreen you love and never leave the house without it. For the beach, you’ll want to opt for a sunscreen that’s waterproof, and that provides protection from UVA and UVB rays (also known as a broad-spectrum sunscreen). Mineral based (physical) sunscreens are also a better option for the beach because they lack the ingredients found in chemical sunscreens such as oxybenzone, that are known for damaging coral reefs and other marine life. Not sure if you’re using a mineral sunscreen? Look for zinc oxide under the active ingredients.

Cooling Facial Mist

The biggest umbrella in the world won’t keep you safe from sweltering summer heat during your beach day, which is why a cool and refreshing face mist is a must. If you’re in need of a refresh but don’t feel like going for a dip, face mists will instantly cool you down while giving your skin the hydration that it craves.

Do-it-All Cleansing Wipe 

While we aren’t normally supportive of cleansing wipes as your sole form of make up removal, they’re a beach bag staple. Trust us, you’ll be oozing thanks when you find them at the bottom of your sandy beach bag. At the end of a long day spent sweating, sun screening, and splashing in the sun, a face wipe is a great way to clean off the first layer of beach grime before you get home. If you’re prone to break outs but want to stay diligent on your sunscreen application, use a wipe to completely remove the old sunscreen before reapplying a fresh layer.

Stemless Wine Tumblers

Last but not least, there’s absolutely no reason to leave your wine at home when you’ve got these convenient phthalate and lead-free tumblers in your bag. Made of stainless steel, these shatter proof cups will maintain the temperature of your merlot in the summer time heat, all while looking chic at the same time. Completely spill proof, you can toss these in your beach tote without a second thought too. Or, you can pick-up one of these shatter-resistant, glass beauties that are wrapped in a silicone sleeve topped with a lid to compliment your wine on your beach day. If anyone dares call you high maintenance for bringing your own wine glasses to the beach, you’ll have the last laugh, we’re sure.  Cheers!

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