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Once the summer heat and humidity descends upon you like a fleece blanket made of hot breath, the stringent rules that govern our daily fashion choices tend to go out the window. Linen dresses suddenly become appropriate for all occasions, shorts to dinner aren’t a problem, and sleeveless tops are non-negotiable. But while our sartorial choices become fairly limited during this time of year due to the need for survival alone, the summer time does bring about a new opportunity to play with our wardrobes in the form of accessories. Accessories can make or break a look, they’re the cherry on top of an outfit, the rainbow sprinkles on top of your sundae, or much like punctuation – determine whether the whole look even makes sense. So in an effort to make sure the summer season isn’t the only thing bringing the heat – here are our go to accessories.


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We love the French girl chic aesthetic, but we love it even more when it’s functional. Silk scarves instantly polish off an outfit and add a dose of feminine glamour to your look. Keep it tied on your handbag and when the heat becomes too much, use it to tie back your hair into an effortless loose pony.


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You know the sharp pang you feel in your gut when you’re on vacation and realize you forgot to pack your new pair of Miu Miu sunglasses? That’s what it feels like to go through the summer season without sunnies – tragic. Because sunglasses are a must all summer long, we are firm believers in having several pairs in varying styles so you get the most out of every look. Our favorite frames for the summer time? We love a sharp cat-eye as a timeless feminine classic, an oversized pair of ovals for a call back to the 70s, and angular geometric frames that give any look a modern edge.


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We’re not sure what it is about them, but we can’t stop obsessing over basket bags this summer. Much like red lip sticks, every variation of these buzz worthy bags is totally unique – therefore we must collect them all, right?  Their neutral tone makes them a perfect pairing with almost any outfit, and the prairie vibes they give off, transport us to the Italian countryside. They also make a great farmer’s market companion, and are a chic way to carry your sunscreen and other on-the-go materials in style.


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Sunshine is great and all, but there are few things we love more than a hat so big that it shrouds all of our secrets. From bucket hats to straw hats and worn in baseball caps – there’s sure to be one to fit your mood this summer. Bucket hats, while bold, are a call back to our 90s youth that we can’t ignore – they make any outfit playful, edgy, and vibrant. Straw hats are another timeless staple that have broken free of their beach bound limitations and have earned a spot amongst the everyday items in our closets. Plus, they’re great for added sun protection and covering up dry shampooed day 3+ hair.


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We know that summer is sandal season but when you’re trekking from meeting to meeting on the simmering city asphalt – comfort is key. We know that these “dad sneakers” have become a highly polarizing trend in the fashion world, and we once shared your skepticism too. All it took was one stroll in these bad boys to know that they were the real deal. Name another piece of footwear that makes this much of a fashion statement while also feeling like clouds on your feet? We’ll wait.

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